Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Makeup Event Announced by Niantic

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Earlier today in a Pokemon GO Live blog post, Niantic announced details about the Pokemon GO Fest makeup event. This event will begin at 11 AM local time on Aug. 16 for all trainers who purchased a GO Fest 2020 ticket.

Since the game was nearly unplayable in the early hours of Pokemon GO Fest 2020, Niantic is going to let trainers essentially replay the first three hours of the event. Even if you purchased a ticket and didn’t suffer any major issues, you’ll still get to take advantage of this makeup event.

At 11 AM on Aug. 16, you’ll be able to participate in the Fire-type portion of this event. That means there will be rare spawns from incense such as Charizard, Darumaka, Litwick, and more showing up more often. An hour later, the Water-types will take over with increased spawns for Blastoise, Mantine, and more.

The final hour of the event is the Friendship hour. Niantic never clearly defined why certain Pokemon fall into the “Friendship” category, but you can get some pretty good mons during this final hour (1 PM local time). Togetic, Snorlax, Clefairy, and more will all be appearing more often in the wild.

On top of all these Incense rare spawns, each trainer who gets to participate in this event will get some extra goodies in the form of items. There will be a free box available that contains two Incense and two Remote Raid Passes. On top of that, gifts you receive from friends may contain Rare Candies.

Again, if you purchased a Pokemon GO Fest 2020 ticket, then this makeup event will be available to you on August 16 from 11 AM to 2 PM local time. Check out the table below for an easy to digest breakdown of the different habitat times.

Fire11 AM
Water12 PM
Friendship1 PM

If you would like to read the official release about the GO Fest makeup event from The Pokemon GO Team, then you can find it right here.

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