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Overwatch Crossplay Support Is Being Added Soon, Blizzard Announces

overwatch crossplay

Overwatch Crossplay Support Is Being Added Soon, Blizzard Announces

Overwatch might be nearly five years old and soon to be succeeded by its anticipated sequel, but Blizzard has today announced its plans to add crossplay support. Announced today via a developer update video, Overwatch crossplay will allow friends on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems to play with each other.

Beyond the rather belated timing of the feature, the addition of crossplay is rather strange considering that Blizzard had originally declared it wasn’t interested in the idea. Perhaps the change of tune is in the spirit of building interest in Overwatch ahead of the upcoming sequel? Regardless, we’re certainly not complaining, especially as it almost certainly means the feature will also be coming to Overwatch 2.

If you’re interested in trying out the new crossplay feature, just make sure you have downloaded the latest update for the game and switched your preferences to allow crossplay. You will also notice that friends lists for every system have been merged and that you can now play with players from different regions for the first time.

Oh, and better yet is the fact that everyone who logs into Overwatch before the end of the year will receive as Golden Loot box as a celebration. We never say no to shinies!

You can watch the developer update for yourself below.

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