The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Almost 8 Million Units Worldwide; Software Sales at 27 Million

Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold almost 5 million units.

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We’re all well aware that Nintendo’s newest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, is no slouch when it comes to sales. The Switch was Nintendo’s fastest-selling console, ever, selling almost 1 million units in the first month of release. The console is now on track to outsell the Wii U, if the pace of the system continues as so.

According to Nintendo’s newest six-month earnings report (via Gematsu) ending on Sep. 30, the Switch has sold a whopping total of 7.63 million units worldwide – not bad for being out in the wild for only 7 months or so. Another interesting tidbit from the report is that Nintendo plans on selling at least an additional 14 million units by March of 2018, which would make the total unit sales at around 20 million, beating the Wii U and even coming rather close to the sales of the Nintendo GameCube, all within a year of its launch.

Nintendo also shared its sales numbers for its million-seller titles like Breath of the Wild, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and Mario Kart 8 – some of their biggest titles in recent years. You can check out those sales numbers right here at Nintendo’s financial data page.

We’re insanely proud of Nintendo for debuting such a success of a console in this day and age. We can only hope that the Switch continues to gain momentum and Nintendo manages to get those additional 14 million units sold by the end of March next year.


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