New Billboard Claims Donald Trump is a Hanzo Main in Overwatch

We can't believe it's real either.

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With the 2016 Presidental Election drawing closer to its finish, a new billboard has appeared in Flordia that claims Donald Trump is a Hanzo main and that he doesn’t care about team composition. The political ad goes on to explain that he is not a “Team Player” and showcases some artwork of the Republican Nominee screaming at his computer. This was posted on Twitter by user Skeli and  first reported on by Kotaku, and at the time of writing this has received nearly 5,000 retweets and over 6,000 likes.

For those who don’t play Overwatch, the concept of playing only Hanzo is typically frowned upon as he is one of the hardest characters to master in the entire game. This is especially true for Competitive Mode where a lot of players will ask others to switch to more standard classes like DPS, Tank, or Support instead of the speciality class that Hanzo can be seen as.

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This billboard was paid for by The Nuisance Committee which is actually a Super-PAC that was founded by Max Temkin who co-created Cards Against Humanity. There is also a website called that features caricature drawings of Donald Trump as various Overwatch heroes. Each one of these comes with a caption such as “My Team Sucks” and “The Controller is Broken,” along with some facts about the nominee.

At the very bottom, there is an endorsement for his opponent Hilliary Clinton and a statement that explains this ad was not authorized by  any candidate or candidate committee.

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