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Mega Man 11 Is Getting a Playable Demo on Xbox One this September

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Mega Man 11 Is Getting a Playable Demo on Xbox One this September

Mega Man 11 will be getting a demo a month ahead of release, according to a report from TrueAchievements. The latest entry in the series comes as the blue bomber is celebrating his 30th anniversary. The titular hero first debuted in 1987 and has well over 100 games, not counting his guest appearances. So far, only details for an Xbox One demo are available.

A listing for Mega Man 11 Demo Version has been spotted on the Xbox store as available on Sept. 4. The demo description notes that players will get to try Block Man’s stage, which fittingly features lots of blocks and even pyramids. There will be a boss fight at the end of the level which will give players a chance to take down Block Man.

Also in the demo will be the new Double Gear system. The Double Gear system allows gives Mega Man access to new abilities, making their debut in MM11, like slowing down time or firing two charge shots. If these abilities are overused, Mega Man will overheat and not be able to use them again for a short period.

Mega Man 11 is releasing later this year, physically and digitally, on October 2 for the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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