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Lawbreakers Gets Ranked Mode in New Update


Lawbreakers Gets Ranked Mode in New Update

Will it attract new players?

Lawbreakers was released earlier this year and is the latest game from famed game designer Cliff Bleszinski. The first-person hero shooter received strong reviews from critics but, unfortunately, the game’s player base is very low and, as of last week, only had 10 concurrent players.

However, Lawbreakers fans hoping new life will be breathed into the game will be pleased to learn that a free update is set to be released which will add ranked mode and boss leagues. Hopefully this might attract more players to the game.

Boss leagues have long been requested by Lawbreakers players and this mode will give players a chance to earn rewards. Season 0 will be the ranked mode’s first season and all those who participate will get some cool items like Season 0 Profile Icons and Silver Weapon Skins. A new map called Gateway has been added and features a mode called Blitzball Arena. Each team will have custom skins in this mode.


The Lawbreakers update will roll out today at the following times:

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Pacific: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Eastern: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
CEST: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Here are the full patch notes, as Beyond Gaming reports:


  • New Feature – Boss Leagues competitive mode!

  • New Feature – Linear tutorial mode!

  • New Map – Gateway: a Blitzball dedicated map!

  • New Map Variant – Redfalls Bloodmoon!

  • New Content – Blitzball themed Stash Drops!

    • Blitzball Stash Drops are time limited, so get yours from the store today!

    • Blitzball Stash Drops are awarded for account progression while the All-Star event is in progress.

    • Get at least one Blitzball themed item in every Blitzball Stash Drop.

    • New Blitzball themed items include:

      • Character skins

      • Weapon Skins

      • Account Portraits

      • Stickers

      • Kick decals

“Greetings Lawbreakers, and welcome to Patch 2.0 – the one where we adjust and do some cleanup after the major shift of last patch. Patch 1.4 introduced some sweeping changes to how health works in the game, bumping up base health values and adding out of combat regeneration. While our overall goal of increasing average lifespans was achieved, we overshot a bit with some of the tunings, so we’re pulling back a bit on a few of those changes. We’re also nudging up the headshot multipliers on a few of our weapons so that players with steady aim can whittle down the new health pools faster.

NOTE: Due to a build error in patch 2.0, the adjustment to group spawn time will be coming ASAP to patch 2.0.1. This adjustment with increase minimum respawn time from 3 -> 5 seconds. We will notify community on social once this hotfix goes live. Thank you for your understanding.”



“We’re increasing the out of combat delay so that hopping from engagement to engagement takes more strategy.”

  • Increased the time it takes out of combat for health regen to start from 3 → 5 seconds.


“With the health adjustments in Patch 1.4, Assassins aren’t as squishy and don’t need as much help sustaining while in Frenzy. We’ve cut down on the healing per hit to address this.”

  • Arc Blade’s healing per hit while Frenzy is active has been decreased from 70 → 55.

  • Frenzy replenishes all movement charges upon activation (Patch 1.4 missing note)


“We’ve added more charges to Firefly so that Battle Medics can command the battlefield a bit better. Having the same amount of ammo on both weapons should help their swap timing and make them more viable in skirmish modes.”

  • Firefly’s number of charges increased from 4 → 6.

  • Increased time between replenishing Firefly charges from 0.2 → 0.25 seconds.


“Enforcers health has been brought down since previous patches have increased his survivability.”

  • Base health reduced from 500 → 475.


“We’ve added charge multiplier logic to the Omega that increases alongside damage. This should reward high accuracy players and curtail “spam slinger” effectiveness.”

  • *NEW* Gunslinger’s Omega headshot multiplier will now scale up based upon how long your charge your shots.

  • Omega’s min headshot multiplier is now 1.1.

  • Omega’s max charged headshot multiplier is now 1.75.


“Harrier’s kit inherently makes them extremely survivable, so we’ve knocked 25 points off of their Base Health. The Shoc-Croc has been adjusted to deal more damage if you can train your weapon on an enemy’s head. We’ve also shortened the length of Convergence to make it less oppressive.”

  • Base health reduced from 450 → 425.

  • Shoc-Croc’s headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 → 1.75.

  • Laser Tag cooldown visual now changes from red to blue when able to fire.

  • Convergence beam duration reduced from 6 → 5 seconds.


“Juggernaut needed a bit of help when low on ammo, so Instigator has gotten a reload speed bump. We’re working on some bug fixes to reload issues overall in future patches that will help them out.”

  • Instigator’s reload speed has been sped up by 10%.

  • Holo-Deflector can be manually destroyed by pressing the activation button again (Patch 1.4 missing note).


“Titan has gotten some quality of life improvements this patch. They can now perform more actions while in Berserk mode, and we’ve added our version of a much requested range indicator for Hammerhead rockets.”

  • *NEW* Detonation indicator will now appear when a target is within a rocket’s explosion radius.

  • Pulverize’s max damage increased from 125 → 175.

  • Titan can now kick and jump while Berserk is active.


“Vanguard’s Meteor Shells + Pulsar burst potential has been dialed in a bit and we’ve made the shell’s self damage less punishing.”

  • Pulsar’s damage radius lowered from 200 → 175.

  • Pulsar’s max damage lowered from 120 → 110.

  • Hydra’s time its takes to get to full fire rate has been increased by 7.5%.

  • Updated Hydra’s primary reticle.

  • Meteor Shells self damage reduced from 100% → 50%.


“Wraith is getting out dueled and damaged at his intended effective range. We’ve adjusted their reload speed to help them exchange fire and increased the minimum damage from Wasp to match a default kick. Chrono Switch has also seen an adjustment so that hitting targets with it should be more reliable.”

  • Spektor’s falloff start distance increased from 600 → 750.

  • Spektor’s reload speed has been sped up by 25%.

  • Wasp’s minimum stab damage increased from 30 → 75.

  • Chrono Switch’s slowing rings travel speed has been increased by 30%.

  • Increased the time between firing Chrono Switch’s slowing rings by 10%.


  • *NEW* Multi-region Queue has been added to place players with acceptable latency in matches from all around country and/or world.

  • *NEW* First Win of the Day XP Bonus has been added for getting your first win in any mode.

  • *NEW* Progression UI Widget has been added to the bottom right to show current Account / Boss Leagues progression, as well as a current creds total.

  • *NEW* Customizable reticle options in the Settings menu now include a Simple Dot, Simple Circle, and Simple Crosshair plus color options.

  • Increased the amount of XP awarded in all modes for time played. This means quicker account progression for everyone.

  • Added in text for score amount awarded on scoring events.

  • Added in major text announcements for carriers picking up the objective object in Blitzball, Overcharge, and Uplink.

  • Crosshairs now draw on top of all HUD elements.

  • Made it so that text chat does not switch sides during death cam.

  • General Spectator improvements to overall visuals, clarity, and bug fixes.

  • Added in a ton of stat tracking for different weapons, abilities, and scoring events for roles that are displayed on the statistics page of the player profile.

  • Hit Detection Improvements

    • Improved hit registration by speeding up smoothing on replicas to make positions more accurate.

    • Added latency compensation logic to improve Arc Blade grapple hit detection.

    • Titan rocket air detonation has latency compensation (so if you detonate it when you see it near somebody, it should deal damage, even at higher pings)

  • Redesigned the “Play” mode selection screen.

  • Added bonus XP when backfilling into and completing a match that was missing players.

  • Don’t count a match as a loss for a player that joined late and filled in a missing player’s spot.

  • Visual improvements for full screen effects like Distortion Field and Chrono Switch’s slowing effect.


UI –

  • Fixed issues related to Blitzball carrier’s status not updating for people who just joined a match in progress.

  • Fixed an issue where a teammate’s name would sometimes appear red when you first see them.

  • Fixed a host of in game scoreboard alignment issues dealing with Twitch status, icons, and text placement.

  • Fixed multiple issues during end of match podium not rendering appropriately on 21:9 aspect ratio monitors.

  • Fixed a bug where being stabbed and killed by TAC knife would cause death cam to break.

  • Fixed overtime text announcement not showing in Blitzball.

  • Fixed multiple match history issues related to missing player names and stats for matches played.


  • Fixed error sound not playing issue when attempting to equip a locked account portrait.


  • Gunslinger

    • Fixed an issue where shooting the Alpha while blindfiring Omega would interrupt Omega’s animation.

  • Juggernaut

    • Fixed issues that improve the transition from sprint super jumping into blindfire,

  • Wraith

    • Fixed wall jump occasionally triggering on stairs and other unintended surfaces.

  • Turf War

    • Tie breaker overtime rules in Turf War fixed, so you have to capture 2 zones to win.

  • Fixed crashes occurring directly after killing an objective carrier with a kick.

  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially cycle to a new match and see a black screen during character select, they would not be able to play without restarting.

  • Fixed an issue where not all assist based scoring events were tracking for achievements.


  • Changing window settings from full-screen to windowed mode will now persist between game restarts.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the window mode while matchmaking may change a player’s region.

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