Dead Cells Will Be Getting a Patch to Smooth Out Frame Rate Issues on Switch

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Dead Cells, developed by independent studio Motion Twin, has just left Early Access and officially launched on PC and consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. However, Switch players have reported that this version of the game in particular suffers from some frame rate drops and hitches. In Kotaku’s review of the game, it was reported that Motion Twin was indeed aware of the frame rate drops but stated that they didn’t think it would be a major issue for most players, and that they didn’t want to delay the Switch release.

Since then, players over on the Nintendo Switch and Dead Cells subreddits have expressed their dissatisfaction with the game’s performance on the hybrid console, and Motion Twin have conceded that the frame rate issues might be severe enough to warrant a proper fix.

Over at reddit, the developers confirmed that they will begin work on a patch to fix this issue right away, but it won’t be coming as soon as some players might hope.

‘We’ve learned that just because we’re the developers, doesn’t mean we’re always right about our own game. So now we’ll put what we learned into practice, listen to your feedback and get to work fixing the problem right away. We’ve allocated all available resources to the issue (remember we’re a small team) and improving the performance on Switch it our main priority as of now.

So when can you expect a fix? Well, every minor tweak and performance fix that could be done prior to release has been done. This leaves us with the big time consuming changes as well as exploring new possibilities which might really help, or not, we won’t know until we start. Of course on console all updates must be certified before reaching you guys, which adds extra time between now and a potential fix. So to be clear we’re looking at November at the absolute earliest, if the god of game dev comes down from the clouds ad blesses our guys right now. This is however as soon as it is physically possible for us right now.’

Dead Cells is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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