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Check Out France’s Wondrous Spies in Civilization VI’s New Trailer


Check Out France’s Wondrous Spies in Civilization VI’s New Trailer

Viva la France!

Civilization VI has released a new French-centric trailer that showcases this mighty faction and the unique attributes they will bring to each engagement. Focused on culture and intelligence, France is a nation that is more about playing the waiting game than full on combat. This nation’s primary concept is bolstering culture and producing wonders which can easily help them win the game if left unchecked. One of their newest creations is the chateau, which gives a massive culture boost if built by a river and around wonders.

Leading the charge is Catherine de Medici, who uses her influence and power to produce special units such as spies. These units allow you to not only keep tabs on the various other leaders but gain information that you can use to sway diplomatic meetings. Once you build a castle, you are actually able to gain even more spies and then you can give the CIA a run for their money. Not to mention France has a strong industrial military phase that could easily help turn the tides of war.

If you’re looking for a Civilization VI nation that uses the pen over the sword, then France might be your best choice. Just make sure not to start any revolutions or anything, it never goes well for anyone when that happens.

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