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Check out Overwatch Brigitte’s New Skins, Emotes, and More

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Check out Overwatch Brigitte’s New Skins, Emotes, and More

Overwatch hero Brigitte has been in the Public Test Realm (PTR) for about a week now, giving players a chance to try out the latest hybrid hero. Today, Blizzard has just patched in all of her cosmetic items, from legendary skins down to her different sprays.

Aside from the standard palette swaps of her original outfit, Brigitte also has two epic skins (with one based on her father, Torbjorn) and four legendary skins.

Meanwhile, she also has a slew of new victory poses and emotes. Like with all other heroes, Brigitte also has her own laughing emote. Other emotes include swinging her weapon around, fixing her “broken” shield, and the classic “bring it” taunt. Meanwhile, some of her victory poses include the hero leaning on her shield and raising her flail.

Moving on, Brigitte also brings her fair share of new sprays to Overwatch. The Support hero apparently loves cats since she has a fair share of them in her sprays. There’s also a heartwarming family photo of her, her mom, and Torbjorn in the mix. She even has a combo spray that can be paired with Reinhardt’s arm wrestling spray.

As for her Overwatch highlight intros, she has one wherein she activates her rally flag and raises her weapon. Another intro shows her jumping in front of the camera and activating her shield before offering a helping hand to the player. Lastly, her other highlight intro shows her jumping up and swinging her weapon and slamming it down.

You can check out Brigitte’s other cosmetic items on the Overwatch PTR. Blizzard has yet to announce when she’ll finally come to the live servers.

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