Where to Find Suspicious Sand Blocks in Minecraft

Uncover the past of the Overworld.

Where to Find Suspicious Sand Blocks in Minecraft Image Source: Mojang Studios

Aside from the new bamboo and cherry wooden blocks, players can discover Suspicious Sand with the latest Trails and Tales update. However, these objects have a similar appearance to the standard versions, making it difficult to pinpoint their locations. So, to help you with this issue, we’ll show you where to find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft.

How Do You Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft?

Suspicious Sand blocks can be found in the following areas within Minecraft:

  • Desert Temples
  • Desert Wells
  • Warm Ocean Ruins

As mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to differentiate the sand from the Suspicious type; therefore, you can use this side-by-side comparison to see their different textures (Suspicious Sand is on the left):

What Does Suspicious Sand Look Like in Minecraft?
Image Source: Mojang Studios via Twinfinite

Suspicious Sand has more distinct features than the regular version, so be sure to look for these particular details.

Now that you know what to search for, you can begin your archaeology adventures using the new brush tool. In our case, we found the block in a Desert Temple after removing a few sand blocks inside the pyramid.

How to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft
Image Source: Mojang Studios via Twinfinite

As for the other methods, players can locate the blocks inside Desert Wells, typically in the water. You can also swim down to Warm Ocean Ruins to find the Suspicious Sand, where you can utilize Water Breathing Potions, the Conduit, or a Turtle Helmet to last longer underwater.

Alternatively, players can place the Suspicious blocks in Creative mode, but it will not produce any valuables inside it, including diamonds, pottery shards, and emeralds.

That does it for our guide on where to find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including how to get Smithing Templates in Minecraft.

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