What Is the Significance of Aemond’s Sapphire Eye in House of the Dragon? Explained

The significance of Aemond Targaryen's sapphire eye?

Significance of Aemond's sapphire eye Image Source: HBO

The Season 1 finale of House of the Dragon was full of tension, drama, and dragons putting fans firmly on the edge of their seats. One question that has had fans scratching their heads since mid-season; what is under Aemond’s eye patch? Episode 10 ended the mystery as Aemond tore off his eyepatch to reveal a large sparkling sapphire, but what is the significance of Aemond’s sapphire eye?

Aemond’s Sapphire Eye, Explained

Significance of Aemond's sapphire eye
Image Source: House of the Dragon ~ HBO

As written in Fire & Blood, each character has a personal sigil and their House symbol; Aemond’s personal sigil is a sapphire. The fantastic opening credits, which frequently change as events change in the show, display Aemond’s sapphire sigil, his brother Aegon (naken woman), and his sister Halaena (a spider).

Martin draws a bulk of his inspiration for his writings from Medieval Europe and the drama and wars between nations and noble houses during that period of history, complete with the heraldry. Heraldry is the medieval practice of noble families bearing family coats of arms and personal sigils.

The heraldry was important, especially during tournaments where the herald would call out the knights from the lists or be able to identify knights issuing challenges. While a family sigil tells what House they come from, a personal sigil identifies the particular individual.

It is not specified in Martin’s book or the show why Aemond chose this particular sigil. Still, A Wiki of Ice and Fire states, “Aemond was also known to wear an eye patch over his sapphire eye at times, apparently when he was in open court and did not want to frighten noble ladies with his scars (such as when he was in the Round Hall of Storm’s End with Borros Baratheon’s wife and daughters).”

The Season 1 finale of House of the Dragon left fans with many questions as they await Season 2, but we can at least tell you the significance of Aemond’s sapphire eye. Check out our other House of the Dragon coverage, such as the uproar over the House of the Dragon finale being leaked, who is the biggest dragon, and the details behind the Triarchy.

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