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Who Is the Biggest Dragon in House of the Dragon?


Who Is the Biggest Dragon in House of the Dragon?

A guide that explains who the largest dragon is in HBO’s House of the Dragon.

Dragons are alive and well in House of the Dragon, not to mention greater in number than when Daenerys Targaryen hatched hers nearly 200 years later. These fire-breathing creatures are just as varied as the human characters themselves, each with their own unique design, coloring, screeches, and even their background. At least 17 dragons are still alive, but who is the biggest dragon in House of the Dragon?

How Big is Vhagar in House of the Dragon?

At this point in time, Vhagar is the biggest dragon in House of the Dragon. This comes according to a passage from a Dance with Dragons in Chapter 8, which states that “Vhagar had grown nearly as big as Balerion had been during Aegon’s Conquest, and had become the largest living dragon of her time.”

It’s during episode 6 of House of the Dragon that we truly get a sense of just how big Vhagar is. When Laena and Daemon ride together, Vhagar looks to be twice the size of Caraxes, who is still rather large himself.

At the time of House of the Dragon, Vhagar is also getting on in years, reaching nearly 200 years old, which is right around when Balerion passed. She was one of the three original dragons that united the six of the seven kingdoms during Aegon’s conquest; in fact, Vhagar is the last of the three still alive.

And there you have it: not only is Vhagar the biggest dragon in House of the Dragon, but she’s also the oldest among the 17 dragons still around. As of episode 7, Aemond Targaryen is her dragonrider. For more on House of the Dragon, catch up on who the greens are in the show, as well as who died in the latest episode.

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