Judgment: How to Fund Quickstarters & Get Rewards

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Like most Yakuza games, Judgment is filled with fun little nods to modern culture and technology, oftentimes making fun of it. The latest subject in the game is none other than Kickstarter itself, with a new system introduced in Judgment called Quickstarter. Here’s how to fund Quickstarters and get rewards in Judgment.

How to Fund Quickstarters & Get Rewards in Judgment

Judgment introduces new side content and features throughout its twelve chapters, and once you reach Chapter 5 you’ll gain access to something called Quickstarter.

This crowd-funding app can be accessed from your smartphone menu by pressing the Options button, and it lets you donate money to a bunch of projects, hence the name.

These projects are all things that’ll benefit you, like new skill books, new drone parts, Dice & Cube strategy guides, and more. To fund a project just pick the one you want and hold X to donate money.

The amount of money you donate will slowly increase and you can donate however much or little you want, at any time you want.

Now the trick with Quickstarter is that you don’t have to pay the full amount yourself, as other people will also donate to campaigns.

If you look at the bar underneath the purple part represents money other people have paid, while the yellow represents what you’ve paid.

The best idea, if you’re looking to save money, is to hop into Quickstarter and donate a few thousand Yen to every available project, just to get things started.

After that go do some story missions or side cases and then check in again, and each project will have quite a bit of funding. Quickstarter projects can cost quite a bit of money, so don’t feel like you have to pay everything, and just use this method to help.

There’s also a way to increase the amount of money others will donate. Once you’ve unlocked Quickstarter you can head to the Skills menu and the Special tab, then find the Angel Investor near the bottom.

This’ll boost the amount of money others donate to project you invest in, hence why you should just donate a little to each one.

Picking Up Rewards

Once you’ve actually funded a campaign, then it’s time to reap the rewards. Most Quickstarters will give you material rewards, although some just unlock things in the world, like a Challenge mode for Dice & Cube.

To pick up any rewards all you need to do is head to the Yagami Detective Agency and check the mailbox outside your door. As soon as a project is funded the reward will appear in the mailbox, so make sure to pick it up.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fund Quickstarters and get rewards in Judgment. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or check out our Judgment guide wiki.

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