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How to Complete Minding Your Own Business in Hogwarts Legacy

Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

How to Complete Minding Your Own Business in Hogwarts Legacy

Something wicked this way comes.

In the cozy village of Hogsmeade, you’ll meet two peculiar characters who will ask you to buy a vacant shop after it has been put up for sale. However, the only catch is that players must run a successful business and sell it back to Cassandra Mason in the future for a discount. So, if you ever dreamed about becoming a shop owner in Hogsmeade, we’ll show you how to complete the Minding Your Own Business quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business Quest Guide

The Minding Your Own Business storyline is a PlayStation-exclusive mission that can be found near the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, where you can speak to Penny, the house elf. It should be noted that players must at least be Level 18 before beginning this quest since they will fight enemies with this particular rank.

Minding Your Own Business Quest Location
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Penny will tell you about the shop for sale and instructs you to speak to the owner, Cassandra Mason, who will be at the northern side of the village (follow the waypoint). During this time, players must acquire 1,500 galleons to purchase the store from Mason by selling their outfits or beasts, opening chests, and completing other tasks. Then, when you’ve collected enough currency, you can give it to Cassandra and talk to Penny.

Once players start tidying up the shop with Reparo, the house elf will give you a key to a mysterious chest, which is actually a doorway to a mysterious underground location and you’ll be tasked to explore what lies beneath. You can follow this step-by-step guide to get you through this secret destination of Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Go inside the room with mannequins.

    The room will undergo a series of changes, and you’ll find yourself trapped inside, forcing you to search for a way out.

    Going through the doorway

  2. Use Lumos and Revelio to locate a doorway.

    An entryway will eventually spawn into the location.

    Using Lumos

  3. Go down the hallway and enter the open doorway.

    Going down the hallway

  4. Walk towards the mysterious jack-in-the-box toy.

    Jack-in-the-box Location

  5. Locate the same item in the next room.

    You’ll teleport back to the previous destination.

    Toy Location

  6. Exit the room and go down the stairs.

  7. Grab the lantern with Accio.

    Lantern Location

  8. Place it on the hand and go through the entryway.

    Using Accio on lantern

  9. Cast Lumos and wait for the door to open.

    Casting Lumos

  10. Avoid getting hit by the furniture or use Basic Cast to remove them.

    You’ll meet the ghost Fastidio, who will try to attack you by launching objects at you.

  11. Go through one of the doorways.

    Players can choose to enter one of the entryways on the left and right sides. In this case, we’ll travel to the one on the left to access the library.

    Entrance to the Library

  12. Explore the library by traveling through multiple rooms and defeating the mannequins.

    You’ll be transported to several areas for an extended period when entering the room with a dining table, so you must continue to use Lumos to guide you through darkly lit places. If you happen to be going in circles, you can turn around, and the room with change again.

    Room with dining table

  13. Use Accio to drag the lantern to the door with a waypoint.


  14. Continue to explore the library.

    Players can locate another room that appears upside down and go downstairs.

    Upside Down Room

  15. Go up the stairs.

    You must use the stairs in the upside-down room to reach the lantern.

    Going up stairs

  16. Cast Accio to grab the lantern.

    Lantern Location 2

  17. Use the newly unlocked door in front of you and place it on the hand platform.

  18. Go through the window on the left and head downwards.


  19. Make your way up the stairs.

    Finding the stairs in the library

  20. Cast Accio on the lantern and place it on another hand statue.

    The next lantern location

  21. Enter the new room and cast Accio on the lantern through the window.


  22. Bring the object to the hand mechanism.

  23. Travel to the next room and drag the lantern to the door with the waypoint.

  24. Walk to the following destination and avoid Fastidio’s attacks.

  25. Explore the atrium by locating the lanterns.

    Like the library, you must obtain items from both sides of the room. We’ll start with the area filled with mannequins on the left.

    Going to the room on the left

  26. Cast Accio to grab the lantern and place it on the hand mechanism on the first platform.

    The rooms will change during this time, and you’ll need to clear the blockage on doors with the Basic Cast spell.

    First Platform Lantern Location

  27. Locate a lantern on the second platform and drag it to the hand.

    The lantern on the second wooden structure opens the door on the third platform.

    Second Platform Lantern Location

  28. Grab the lantern on the first wooden structure and bring it with you to reach the hand in the third area.

    The third location hand statue produces a bridge to reach the open door.

    The First Lantern

  29. Defeat the enemies and use Lumos to find a way out.

  30. Perform Accio on the lantern and place it on the door with the waypoint.

  31. Enter the room with the white rug on the right side and place the lantern on the hand mechanism.

    The next lantern key

  32. Use Revelio to go across the chess board.

    You’ll see blocks with a red aura around them once you cast Revelio, and you must avoid these areas to avoid falling.

    Chess Board

  33. Place two lanterns on the hands to unlock the following areas.

    The next objects are relatively easy to find compared to the others; therefore, you should be able to complete this task quickly.

  34. Follow the waypoint and go through the door.

  35. Eliminate the mannequins.

  36. Return to the foyer to venture outside.

  37. Take down Fastidio’s Monster.

    Players can utilize Damage spells, like Confringo, Diffindo, and Bombarda, to eliminate the monster (it has the same attack style as trolls.) The third phase is tricky since Fastidio will make the screen go upside down, so try to strike down the enemy in this state until he switches it back.

    Fighting Fastidio's Monster

After the fight, Fastidio will agree to let you have the shop as long as you visit him and participate in his trials each month. However, Penny will imply that this sale was a ploy in disguise, and you must tell Officer Singer about your spooky endeavors to confront Cassandra for her actions.

Unfortunately, the confrontation doesn’t go well, and players must take down Mason to stop her from committing these atrocious crimes. As a result, you’ll now gain ownership of the shop, and you can decide whether or not to free or keep the elf (either way, she will stay.) Players can also choose a name for the store, sell any unwanted items to Penny, and get the Shopkeeper’s outfit set.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Minding Your Own Business quest in Hogwarts Legacy. For more mission help, you can check out our High Keep quest guide or explore the relevant links below for additional information.

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