Mulan and Mushu at the Training Camp in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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How Long to Wait for Mushu’s Dragon Statues in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The new Disney Dreamlight Valley expansion has landed, letting you add the beloved characters Mushu and Mulan to your village. While both characters have some extensive quests to complete before unlocking them, some elements of these tasks aren’t well explained. Here’s how long to wait for Mushu’s Dragon Statues in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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As per some concerned users on the Disney Dreamlight Valley subreddit, there’s some confusion as to how long you have to wait for Mushu to fire off the Dragon Statues you create during his pre-requisite quests. At the time he advises you to speak to Mulan and start completing her quests, though the game doesn’t tell you how long you’re meant to wait.

Fortunately, players have found that all you need to do is exit the Training Camp area. Then, re-enter for the wait to end. It’s likely a case of there not being a specific time, with the game instead relying on you leaving the area at some point prior to returning and checking on Mushu’s progress.

The Training Camp in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Image Source: Gameloft

Other players reported that once they finished all of Mulan’s quests, it was only a minute or two until Mushu was ready to interact with. Either way, the safest and most reliable option appears to head out of the portal back to your village. Then, head through it again to get to the Training Ground.

If this turns out to be a glitch or lack of adequate quest description, Gameloft will likely patch it out with a hotfix in the near future. Keep tabs on the game’s X page for updates on the game, including any resolution to this problem.

That’s all for this guide! For more, check out the best Disney Dreamlight Valley mods. We’ve also got a list of all recipes and a guide on how to change your name in the game.

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