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These 15 Video Game-Themed Cakes Look Too Good to Be Eaten

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These 15 Video Game-Themed Cakes Look Too Good to Be Eaten


Redditor u/forgot_my_name_crapgot to devour this Fallout-inspired cake for his birthday. Taking the shape of a giant Nuka Cola bottle cap, the cake is a fantastically detailed replica of the wasteland’s famous currency.

Mortal Kombat

Anyone who’s followed Christine McConnell’s incredible baking skills on her Netflix show The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell will recognize her handiwork on this amazing creation inspired by the release of Mortal Kombat 11. Raiden popping out of the screen is just icing on the cake, literally.


Not content with simply replicating a game in baked form, Ravens Bakery went the extra mile and created a Switch, featuring an edible ink Mario Kart print. It’s not quite as portable as the real thing, but it looks just as good.


This isn’t just a Sonic cake. The checkerboard, the gold rings around the edge, the blue blur himself at the very top – this is a cake that screams Sonic. Sonic is actually the only part of this cake you can’t eat, but at least once you’re done eating you’re left with a cute Funko Pop of the guy.

Super Mario Question Block

If you’ve ever eaten barmbrack you’ll be familiar with the concept of hiding surprises in cake. As much of a choking hazard as that might sound like, it also makes a wonderful surprise, just like the very on-brand chocolate coins hidden in this question mark block cake.

Majora’s Mask

If you want a cake that stares soullessly back at you while you cut into it, look no further than this fiendish Majora’s Mask confection by montequillamx on Instagram. It’s the perfect cake for any Legend of Zelda fan, even if it is slightly unnerving.

Dark Souls

This Dark Souls tribute does an amazing job of replicating Firelink Shrine, right down to the bonfire flames and tiny coiled sword. This might just be the most atmospheric cake on the list, as it really captures the gloom of the series.


As the old pokedex entry goes, if the flame on a Charmander’s tail goes out it will die, which makes this cake all kinds of messed up. But if you ignore the horrific implications, it’s stillan incredibly creative take on a Pokemon-themed cake.

Super Meat Boy

Thankfully not made of actual meat, this chunky little cake finally brings Meat Boy into the third dimension. He may not be the most detailed video game character to have to recreate in icing, but it’s still a great facsimile, right down to his gap-toothed grin.


As simple as this Minecraft cube may look, the humble grass block is surprisingly the most labor-intensive on the list. How to Cook That shows you how to recreate this impressive cake with a step-by-step(and believe me, there are a lot of steps) guide.

Classic Arcade Games

This three-tiered retro cake by Wedding Cakes by Nicole is an homage to the classic arcade games of old. Featuring such classic games as Pac Man, Tetris, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, this frosted tower would make an amazing wedding cake for any couple who trawled the arcades in the 80s.


This massive Loot Llama confetti cake comes from baking and video game lover Sugar High Score. They absolutely nailed the gormless expression and, just like a real pinata, the llama’s hollow center is filled with candy and sprinkles.


This tiered Yooka-Laylee cake is just as bright and whimsical as the game itself. Like the game’s intro, the top of the cake has Yooka and Laylee chilling out and sunbathing. The front is also decorated with the entrance to the dastardly Hivory Towers.

The Last of Us

Macabre cake creator MadHouse Bakes is responsible for this utterly terrifying Clicker bust. It’s so realistic it doesn’t even look edible and really makes you marvel at the artistry that can be done with mere icing.

The Witcher

Twitter user Klutar’s birthday treat shows appreciation for the Witcher series by being intricately modeled on the infamous and infinitely memeable bathtub scene. And yes, it’s anatomically correct. You can see more pictures(which are decidedly not safe for work) on Klutar’s post, as well as cake-Geralt’s grizzly demise.

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