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5 Games Like The Last of Us If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like The Last of Us If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Taletell’s The Walking Dead

Games Like The Last of Us

Released in 2012, Taletell’s original story within The Walking Dead universe was an instant fan favorite, earning it the prestigious Game of the Year Award at the VGAs. This episodic masterpiece was something of a gem that players were hard-pressed to find when it first released. Similar to The Last of Us, the story follows Lee Everett, an ex-convict who finds a reason to live while protecting the young, impressionable Clementine. What follows is years of anguish for both characters as they fight for their survival throughout multiple seasons, in typical Taletell fashion.

While the game’s huge name may have drawn players in, what has kept fans with bated breath while waiting for the next season’s release has been the unwavering bond between the two main characters and the almost impossible emotional strength of Clementine. Though this game may be heavier on the dialogue and lack the free exploration that The Last of Us offers, true terror awaits around every corner in the form of zombies and survivors. 

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