Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Tier List

Time to rate all the MW3 Assault Rifles!

Modern Warfare 3 has recently entered Season 2 where plenty of weapons were changed, adjusted, buffed, and nerfed. Due to the constant stream of new attachments, conversion kits, and brand new guns, we are taking a look at the META by compiling a MW3 Assault Rifle tier list.

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Modern Warfare 3 Assault Rifle Tier List

Assault Rifles occupy the Jack-of-all-trades niche in Modern Warfare 3. They are good at all ranges, sport good accuracy, and offer decent mobility. But within this class of all-rounders, we find clear winners and losers. Below is our tier list for all the Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3.

ABP-50, Holger 556
BFR 5.56, MTZ-556, DG-56

We’ll continue updating the tier list as more guns are released, and as the meta evolves while Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 continues.

B-Tier MW3 Assault Rifles

Our B-Tier class is reserved for weapons that are slightly too weak to perform well inside the meta. Weapons inside this tier could stand to see some love from Sledgehammer Games with buffs to their damage or accuracy to keep up with the stronger ARs.

FR 5.56

fr 5.56 Loadout MW3
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The FR 5.56 is an underwhelming weapon with less damage than its counterparts, less accuracy than the DG-58, and no improvements in mobility. It is a fine weapon and can at times outperform the better assault rifles, but will not do so consistently. With a small buff to damage or accuracy, we could see the FR 5.56 be pushed to higher echelons. But for 2 Seasons the FR 5.56 has been left gathering dust, hoping that Activision will one day throw it a bone.


MTZ 556 Loadout MW3
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The MTZ-556 surprised me. I thought it would be a stronger weapon that could contend with the likes of the MCW, but I was mistaken.

It’s a very good weapon with heavy strengths but its weaknesses are too prominent for it to break into the A Tier. Its strong TTK is matched by a weaker accuracy than other ARs, and its mobility isn’t the greatest of the pack. Sticking with the right attachments can ease out the bad while improving the good to make this weapon a decent contender but will always feel outmatched.


DG 56 Loadout in MW3
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. For the longest time, the DG-56 spent its time at the top of the meta, defining what it meant to be an Assault Rifle and challenging the strongest weapons ever conceived in the Call of Duty franchise. Now, after countless nerfs, and an ever-evolving meta, the DG-56 finds itself in the lowly B-Tier as a weapon that can perform well but is generally outclassed by other ARs for less effort.

The DG-56 still had some of the best accuracy in its class, with almost no recoil to boot, but now suffers from a lack of damage and heavy damage fall-off.

A-Tier MW3 Assault Rifles


BP 50 Loadout MW3
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

Season 2’s brand new Assault Rifle has instantly made a splash and landed itself in our A-Tier. Its excellent accuracy, strong fire rate, and decent damage make this weapon stand out in the Class. Its popularity is currently through the roof, but we expect that new-gun smell to wear off quickly and for it to drop alongside other A-Tier Assault Rifles.

The BP50’s damage may be good and its accuracy is on point, but it still pales in comparison to some other ARs available.

Holger 556

MW3 Holger 556 Loadout
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The Holger 556 has quickly become my favorite weapon in MW3, sporting the likeness of the G36C of MW1 way back in 2007. Its strengths are apparent by how many nerfs this Assault Rifle has tanked from Activision. It surprised me to find the consistent hits this AR takes and still manages to find a corner of the meta to itself.

Sadly, with the consistent hate it receives, it will be gated from entering the S-Tier until Activision puts a different weapon in its sights. However, despite the nerfs the Holger 556 is a magnificent weapon that can be built in many ways and can even be utilized as a 4-round-burst rifle with the JAK Signal Burst Conversion Kit.

S-Tier MW3 Assault Rifles

Our S-Tier class is reserved for those who really shouldn’t be here. Not that the guns themselves are broken; I refer to the class itself. S class is for weapons that shouldn’t be as strong as they are and need serious balance changes to bring them down to the power of other Assault Rifles.


MCW MW3 Loadout
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinitet

The MCW has had a turbulent history, from being broken in the beta, to nerfed in Season 0, quickly buffed in Season 1 to subsequent nerfs in Season 2. And yet throughout it all, the MCW has been at the top since MW3 has released.

There’s no wonder this ACR remake has remained so strong for so long. It has immaculate accuracy, strong TTK, high mobility for an Assault Rifle, and a plethora of attachments that can improve it further.

SVA 545

SVA 545 Loadout MW3
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

Day 1 of MW3’s release and the SVA 545 received some heavy buffs, that was the beginning of the giant snowball that is this Assault Rifle. Since that day, the SVA has dominated as the best AR of every Season.

That remains the case in Season 2. With pinpoint accuracy, high damage-per-shot, and some of the best damage range of an AR you can get, there’s no wonder it’s at the top for so long. It’s Activision’s modus operandi to have the game’s basic AR be a consistent meta contender for new players. The M4 was a standout through the entirety of Warzone 2 and MW2’s lifespan.

That is our Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3 tier list and we will strive to update it as we move into Modern Warfare 3 Season 2. Be sure to check out our related Call of Duty content below for more guides, news, and updates.

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