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Is MLB: The Show 18 Coming to Xbox One?


Is MLB: The Show 18 Coming to Xbox One?

Is MLB: The Show 18 Coming to Xbox One?

MLB: The Show is arguably the undisputed (and pretty much unchallenged) king of the baseball simulation genre right now. And unfortunately, for Xbox One owners, the series for quite some time now has been exclusive to Sony’s family of home systems. Of course, things change and so many Xbox One fans may be wondering if MLB: The Show 18 may finally break this long-standing tradition and hit Microsoft’s systems.

Unfortunately, we have to be the bearers of bad news this time around and tell you that’s just not going to happen. MLB: The Show is developed by one of Sony’s first-party studios, Sony San Diego. As such, just as is the case with other first-party titles on all systems, MLB: The Show 18 will release exclusively on the PS4.

The even worse news for Xbox One fans is that MLB: The Show doesn’t look like it’ll be hitting Microsoft’s system any time soon, unless, of course, the series has a sudden change of developer outside of Sony’s first-party studios. Here’s hoping that Microsoft announces its own Major League Baseball title to compete with MLB: The Show sometime soon and to offer Xbox One fans a piece of the baseball action.

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