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Is WWE 2K23 Steam Deck Compatible? Answered

Is WWE 2K23 Steam Deck Compatible?
Image Source: Visual Concepts

Is WWE 2K23 Steam Deck Compatible? Answered

Does the title have any presence on handheld?

The latest addition to the WWE 2K series is right around the corner bringing with it an updated roster of superstars, a new War Games match type, and fan-favorite modes like MyRise and MyFaction. Visual Concepts has breathed a new lease of life into the series which is well and truly on an upwards trajectory. The only thing it’s missing is a presence on handheld consoles. There’s no word of a Switch port, but the game is available on Steam leading many PC players to wonder if they can take the game on the go on Steam Deck. Here’s everything we know about whether WWE 2K23 is Steam Deck compatible.

Will WWE 2K23 Be Steam Deck Compatible?

WWE 2K23 will not be compatible with the steam deck. It was all but confirmed by Visual Concepts’ Creative Director Lynell Jinks in an interview with RetroResolve where they stated that their primary intention was to make sure the game ran at peak performance on consoles and PC:

No, not right now. Our focus remains on [the] Microsoft and Sony consoles and PC.

Lynell Jinks via RetroResolve

It’s sure to come as a blow to anyone who was hoping to experience WWE 2K23 on handheld but this decision from Visual Concepts is hardly a surprise. It’s no secret that the WWE 2K series was in dangerous water prior to the release of WWE 2K22 and the series seemed destined to remain tainted by mediocrity.

The development team is clearly trying to ensure that the series continues its recent winning streak by devoting all its resources to ensuring that the newest title lives up to the high standards set by WWE 2K22. Trying to rush out a handheld port alongside console and PC versions of the game is sure to hinder development and the quality of the final product.

It’s worth noting that WWE games have never run all that well on handheld consoles. The series has since chosen to forego Nintendo Switch ports after numerous performance issues and while the Steam Deck is impressive, it still lags behind current-gen consoles and PC.

It’s entirely possible that Visual Concepts will introduce Steam Deck compatibility down the line, or with next year’s title, but for now, it looks like you’ll have to stay home to enjoy WWE 2K23.

That’s everything we know about whether WWE 2K23 is Steam Deck Compatible. Be sure to check out the rest of our guides below.

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