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When Does Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Come Out? Answered

When Does Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Come Out? Answered
Screenshot by Twinfinite via TMS Entertainment

When Does Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Come Out? Answered

Romantic kerfuffles incoming.

Rent A Girlfriend may not be the most high-brow show out there, but it’s still got its merits as a raunchy Rom-Com. For proof, one needs to look no further than the fact that the story garnered enough fan support to reach a third season, which looks primed to build upon the plot with even more hijinks. You might be unclear on when this show is releasing though, which is why we’ve created this guide aimed at answering the question: When does Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 come out?

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date

While the exact release date for Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 has yet to be revealed, an incredibly tight release window was revealed in March.

Alongside a new trailer posted to the series’ official website, an announcement revealed that the next installment of the series will come out in July of 2023. This would make it a show which will fall squarely in the Summer 2023 anime season and would mean it would need to air its first episode between the first and third week of the season in order to fall within the broadcasting schedule for the rest of the season.

Or at least, that’s how it should work on paper. A wide array of shows have seen delays or outright shifts into new seasons due to unforeseen complications surrounding Covid. As such, it’s at least keeping in mind that this release window is subject to change within the coming months, and the weekly release schedule for episodes could be just as temperamental.

To be clear though, this is all just speculation on established trends and current factors within the industry. We won’t have a firm release date until the show’s animation studio, TMS Entertainment, makes such information available. This will likely occur once we’re at least two months out from the series’ release and could occur even closer to its intended airing window for a number of reasons.

And with that, you know everything there currently is to know about when Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 comes out. For more on the series, we’ve got a slew of related articles you can check out down below.

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