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Rent-A-Girlfriend Returns for Another Round of Degeneracy This Summer

Rent-A-Girlfriend Returns for Another Round of Degeneracy This Summer

Rent-A-Girlfriend Returns for Another Round of Degeneracy This Summer

This dumpster fire will not be extinguished.

Fans of human dumpster fires rejoice: The raunchy Rom-Com Rent-A-Girlfriend has officially received a release window, and it’s set to land later this year.

In an announcement made through the series’ official website on Mar. 5, it was revealed the show will return as part of the Summer 2023 anime season. The show will begin broadcasting in July, with a firm premiere date likely coming closer to this new release window.

The news was accompanied by a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season. In it, the protagonist Kazuya and main girl Chizuru are shown growing closer through a variety of scenes and bits of dialogue. It seems like they may finally be on the verge of getting together, but neither one has worked up the courage to confess to the other.

This changes when a new girl, named Mini Yaemori, is introduced. Overhearing an interaction between Kazuya and Chizuru due to being their neighbor, she introduces herself and quickly becomes embroiled in the many hijinks that make up their lives. It then becomes clear that she will serve as the latest character added into the drama of their lives, though it may end up being to everyone’s benefit.

There’s not too much else to the trailer aside from some new bits of animation showing off Mini’s design and her sowing some chaos among Kazuya and his friends. All the same, it’s one of the best glimpses yet at the show’s next arc, and fans will definitely want to check it out in its entirety by heading over to the show’s official website.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 is currently slated to release in July of 2023. For more on all things anime, check out the slew of related articles we’ve got lined up down below.

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