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One Shot Snipers Are Back in Warzone 2, But There’s a Catch

Warzone 2 St. Patrick's Day special
Image Source: Infinity Ward

One Shot Snipers Are Back in Warzone 2, But There’s a Catch

Follow the rainbow, folks.

The second iteration of Warzone has seen quite a few changes to its design philosophy, causing a divide among the various members of the community. One of the most notable ones has been the change to how snipers work in Warzone 2, with the potential to one-shot having been completely removed.

It doesn’t look like a change to that design philosophy is coming anytime soon, but as teased on the Season 2 patch notes, it seems that a Saint Patrick’s themed game mode may see one-shot snipers return to some extent.

“You never know what you might find at the end of the rainbow… but you’ve got “one-shot” to find out if luck is on your side in Al Mazrah!”

Seasonal and holiday updates aren’t a new thing in Call of Duty, and with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, expect to see a few magical rainbows and green waters to match the festivity of the event. The in-game store will also see a few themed skin sets to match the jolly, but the real treasure might be hidden at the end of the rainbow, with this quote also mentioned in the patch notes, adding more fuel to the proverbial fire.

“Legend has it that in the middle of March, for only a few days, the rivers of Al Mazrah flow green. Some also say a rainbow can be seen over the arid land, with legend foretelling of something truly treasurable – if only for a single match – on the other side.”

It will remain to be seen how exactly players can unlock this one-shot weapon, if the rumors and hints are true, but do note: everyone will be fighting for a chance at wreaking sniper havoc in their lobbies.

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