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Life By You Announced and Developed By Former Sims Studio Head

Life By You Announced
Image Source: Paradox Tectonic

Life By You Announced and Developed By Former Sims Studio Head

It feels like Christmas all over again.

Step aside, Sims, it is time for a new life simulation game to sweep players off their feet. The former head of The Sims Studios, Rod Humble, has taken on a new project under Paradox Tectonic and it may just be the new take on Sims that players have been wanting since the fourth game’s release, and it’s called Life by You.

The new Paradox sim game was officially announced via a teaser trailer on March 6, 2023, showcasing a good amount of possible features in a short amount of time.

From building houses to building families, Life by You seems as though it is bringing competition to the Sims franchise after the latter’s domination of the life simulation genre for over two decades.

The teaser shows gameplay mechanics Simmers have been wanting in The Sims 4 for years, such as cars and even buses. The world seems open as well, a feature that many players have been missing from the Sims’ previous title.

Plots of land and people in-game themselves seem to function similarly to those in the Sims games, with the build menu looking to be more easily accessible to newer players than the more extensive and at times confusing Sims 4 one. Regardless, with the former Sims executive producer working on it, the upcoming game should deliver both the familiar features fans have grown to love as well as new ones they have been anticipating.

Be sure to tune in for Rod Humble’s detailed announcement event for Life by You on March 20, 2023, which is sure to contain even more exciting news about the upcoming title.

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