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How To Fix the Monkey Error in Destiny 2

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How To Fix the Monkey Error in Destiny 2

Frieza voice: You… STUPID MONKEY!!

When enjoying a live-service game such as Destiny 2, sometimes players will experience issues that can impact the time they spend playing. With the launch of new content and expansions, this becomes even more evident. However, for players who are experiencing error codes, it can be extremely frustrating for them to not know how to fix them. If you have been getting Error Code Monkey in Destiny 2 here is what it means and how it can be fixed.

What Is Error Code Monkey In Destiny 2?

The Error Code Monkey comes from the player’s network as the “client” becomes disconnected from the “host” which is Bungie. This can be caused by a whole lot of different factors, such as a poor wifi connection, issues with the player’s internet service provider, or any other network related issues normally outside of Bungie’s control. However, if players experience this issue a lot during a launch of new content it can probably be speculated this error is on Bungie and not the player.

For those who need to fix this issue, they can take a few different steps to try to resolve it:

Check your wifi connection: Players should first check their internet connection to make sure they are indeed connected to the network. Sometimes cycling the wifi off and on can prevent the issue.

Ensure the internet is connected: Check the router to ensure that there is actually internet allowing for a connection to the game. If it appears it is connected this could be an issue on Bungie’s end.

Try restarting the device: Restart your console or PC to try to reset the internet connection to see if that resolves Error Code Monkey.

Visit the Bungie Network Troubleshooting Guide: Head over to the official Bungie Network Troubleshooting Guide to check to see how to fix issues associated with your network and try to circumvent Error Code Monkey.

Reach out to the Bungie Help Forums: If all else fails, reach out to the Bungie Help Forums, and check the official Twitter page to see if the error is currently causing issues or there are any known bugs regarding it. 

Hopefully these solutions have fixed Error Code Monkey in Destiny 2, and you can now get back to playing Destiny 2. For other guides related to Destiny 2 Error Codes, check out our guides section here.

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