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How to Fix Destiny 2 Plum Error Code

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How to Fix Destiny 2 Plum Error Code

Error Code Plum is generally caused by issues with BattlEye.

As one of the most popular live-service FPS games, Destiny 2 lets players from all over the world come together and save the universe. However, sometimes there are errors that get in the way of this – and players can find themselves being booted from the server. While this is indeed a frustrating experience, knowing how to fix these errors can quickly get players back in the game. The Plum Error Code is one that has been giving players troubles lately – and here is how players can fix Error Code Plum in Destiny 2.

What Is Error Code Plum In Destiny 2 And How To Fix It

While there can be errors on Bungie’s end, some of the Error Codes players encounter may be because of things they can control. One of these errors is Error Code Plum. That’s because this error is encountered when the BattlEye anti-cheat software notices that the player’s computer may be in violation of Bungie’s Terms of Service.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the player is cheating. In fact, there are a few fixes players can take to try to get back into the game. Here are some possible steps to take to fix Error Code Plum in Destiny 2:

Try restarting the game: Sometimes there is a hiccup in the system, and a simple reset of the game can get players back in the action. Simply shut the game down and relaunch it to see if that fixes it.

Restart your device: Another common fix is restarting a device if there is an error code. Shutting down your console or PC and then turning it back on to launch Destiny can sometimes make all the difference.

Ensure Windows Update has the latest software installed (PC Only): Sometimes an out of date Windows Update can cause issues and get Error Code Plum. Simply check the Windows Update tool and make sure the system is fully up to date.

Head over to the BattlEye Support page: Sometimes there is a known issue that can prevent players from signing in. For this reason, players will want to check out the BattlEye Support Page to make sure they are doing all they can to get into the game. Perhaps it is even just a problem on Bungie’s end.

Go to the Bungie Help Forums: When all else fails, heading over to the official Bungie Help Forums can help players get the answers they need. Additionally, players may want to check the official Twitter page to see if there is any information out about the issue they are currently experiencing. Odds are, if other players are experiencing it as well, Bungie will be working on it to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Hopefully by following these steps, players can overcome the Error Code Plum and get back into the game. For more information on Destiny 2 Error Codes, check out our other guides and get back to the fun of playing Destiny!

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