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Best Build for Beginners in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Best Build for Beginners in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Image Source: Koei Tecmo

Best Build for Beginners in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Get started the right way.

One of the best parts about a game like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is that you get to play how you would have the best chances to succeed. This could be focusing entirely on melee or taking the path of magic with Wizardry, or for most people, somewhere in between. But having that flexibility is contingent on you getting deeper into the game, and for players looking for the best beginner build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, let this guide help you out.

Best Beginner Build in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

With combat being a core aspect of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, melee becomes a crucial element that players will need to get right. This is due to the Spirit Gauge system, which then opens up the possibility of Wizardry, Martial Arts, and Spirit Attacks.

Equipment and Virtues

Naturally, that means getting melee right is your first step as a beginner. And there’s no better way to do that than focusing on your choice of weapon, preferably one that is speedy enough to get in and get out.

Next, when it comes to leveling up and choosing the Virtues to increase, you will need to consider two things. One is your stats, such as your health, and the other is how it will benefit your current weapon type. For example, this sword gets a good boost from either Wood or Fire Virtue, which also carries the extra benefit of increasing HP, the Spirit gained from attacking, and so on.

Best Beginner Build in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Equipment
Image Source: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

For beginners, you can depend on the Wood Virtue for its HP increase as well as the damage bonus afforded to straight sabres, curved sabres, and staves. This also in turn lets you access Wizardry spells for the Wood Phase, which focuses on buffing your character. When you are able to, also consider investing either in the Fire Virtue (for Spirit gain and less Spirit used with Martial Arts) or the Earth Virture (Increase max load and increase Spirit gain from deflecting).

Be sure to also try out the Martial Arts on your weapons, so you have a better idea of what is a good time to utilize them during a fight.

Best Beginner Build in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Virtues
Image Source: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

Defensively, just go with equipment that has the higher defense value for now, as the rest of the bonuses are not going to have a significant impact at this early stage. If you manage to get your hand on 3 or even 4-star items, those will help tremendously at the start.


With enough investment in Wood, Fire, and Earth Virtues, and perhaps one or two levels in Metal and Water Virtues, you have access to a couple of useful spells to play with.

For starters, Absorb Vitality, which requires a Wood Virtue level of 3, lets you restore HP for damaging the opponent, which is always good to have. Blasting Flare at Fire Virtue level 1 is a good ranged attack that can burn enemies, while Enhanced Defense at Earth Virtue level 2 ensures you never flinch from normal enemy attacks.

Best Beginner Build in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wizardry
Image Source: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

Round things off with either Repression Crush (Metal Virtue level 2) to reduce enemy Spirit Recovery or Frost Lance (Water Virtue level 1) to freeze enemies, and you will be more than ready to take on the initial challenges.

At the end of the day, you are still free to choose whatever weapons and spells to use, but make sure your Virtue levels are in line with them to get the most benefit out of your build. Mastering deflection is also essential, so you can keep the pressure up and gain access to all the other interesting mechanics of combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

For now, that’s all the important stuff you need to know when it comes to the best beginner build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. For more help on the game, be sure to check out the related content below, otherwise, you can search Twinfinite.

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