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All Diablo 4 Beta Voice Actors, Listed

Image Source: Blizzard

All Diablo 4 Beta Voice Actors, Listed

Who’s that voice I hear in my ear?

The Diablo 4 open beta has arrived, and fans are already lining up to get a chance to play the next installment in this beloved Blizzard series. Once in, there’s plenty of things to do and lots of questions to be answered. One such question is who are some of the voice actors that are lending their voices to the Diablo 4 beta? Here is everything you need to know.

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Every Voice Actor in the Diablo 4 Beta

While not everyone has been confirmed to be in the beta or reprising their roles, the following is a list of voice actors that have been responsible for voicing these Diablo 4 characters for almost every game:

  • Demon Hunter (Female) – Laura Bailey
  • Demon Hunter (Male) – Robin Atkin Downes
  • Wizard (Female) – Grey DeLisle-Griffin
  • Wizard (Male) – Crispin Freeman
  • Lorath Nahr – Yuri Lowenthal
  • Barbarian (Male) – Dorian Harewood
  • Barbarian (Female) – Athena Karkanis
  • Monk (Male) – Jamieson Price
  • Monk (Female) – Rajia Baroudi
  • Leah – Jennifer Hale
  • Witch Doctor (Male) – Carl Lumbly
  • Witch Doctor (Female) – Erica Luttrell
  • King Leoric – Joe J Thomas
  • Zoltun Kulle – Steve Blum
  • Adria – Alyson Reed
  • Crusader (Male) – Gideon Emery
  • Crusader (Female) – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Imperius – Rick D Wasserman
  • Scoundrel – Troy Baker
  • Enchantress – Sumalee Montano
  • Auriel – Cree Summer
  • Templar – Dominic Keating
  • Azmodan – David Sobolov
  • Baal – Milton James
  • Maghda – Susanne Blakeslee

For now, that is everything you need to know about the voice talent that makes up the cast of the Diablo 4 beta. If you’re still looking for more helpful tips and tricks, be sure to check out all of the related content we’ve got below, including a guide on current queue wait times.

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