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Which Is the Best House in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained

Hogwarts guide
Image Source: Avalanche Software

Which Is the Best House in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained

Which house rules them all?

Now that Hogwarts Legacy has released and you are well on your way to becoming the most powerful wizard the academy has ever produced, you are likely wondering which house you should choose before starting on your journey. You can always find out via quiz and go wherever your personality leads you, but that could leave you wondering what difference it could have made later on. Thankfully, we have written up a guide with everything you need to know about the house system in Hogwarts Legacy. Read on to see what the best house in Hogwarts Legacy is, or rather why it all boils down to your own self!

Which Hogwarts Legacy House Is the Best? Explained

Before going further, it’s worth noting that no one House in Hogwarts Legacy is definitively better than the rest.

Instead, each acts as more of a minor factor you can build your character based off of. You can decide which character traits are most important to you and your created character, and assign them to the house that is most in line with these personal tenants.

For example: Making the following choices when wearing the Sorting Hat will lead to your being assigned to a given house.

  • For GryffindorBravery
  • For Hufflepuff Loyalty
  • For RavenclawCuriosity
  • For SlytherinAmbition

What Makes Each House Different in Hogwarts Legacy

With that said, there are some cosmetic differences between each house one should be aware of. More specifically, each House will have a different common area for you to hang out in and different House colors which will be applied to your uniform or certain clothing pieces.

The first house one can be assigned to at Hogwarts is Gryffindor. This is the house that the Harry Potter protagonists belong to, and is also the house known best for its bravery and unwavering courage. The common room in-game looks as shown below, and the House’s colors are red and gold.

Gryffindor common room
Image Source: Avalanche Studios via Twinfinite

The second house is Hufflepuff. This is the house that characters such as Cedric Diggory and Pomona Sprout belonged to. It is best known for its members’ strong sense of justice, loyalty, patience, and kindness. The common room in-game features plenty of plant life, and the house’s colors are yellow and black.

Hufflepuff common room
Image Source: Avalanche Studios via Twinfinite

Next up is Ravenclaw. This is the house that was host to great minds such as Luna Lovegood and Myrtle Warren, and its members are known for the great value they place on intelligence, learning, wisdom, and wit. The common room is styled after an intellectual sitting area, and the house’s colors are blue and bronze.

Ravenclaw common room
Image Source: Avalanche Studios via Twinfinite

Last but certainly not least is Slytherin. Some of the most well-known members of the house include Merlin himself and Draco Malfoy. The traits that get students placed into Slytherin include ambition, cleverness, determination, and resourcefulness. This house’s common room is shown below and the house’s colors are green and silver.

Slytherin common room
Image Source: Avalanche Studios via Twinfinite

Aside from the differences in common rooms and clothing colors, you will also encounter some different friendly faces depending on your respective house. Each common room is host to unique characters, but this does not seem to make any difference aside from subtle dialogue changes. The same can also be said of the gameplay, as other characters may refer to your house specifically in minor dialogue bits.

Does Each Hogwarts Legacy House Have Unique Quests?

There’s likewise a noticeable difference in a specific quest each House offers in Hogwarts Legacy, which is assigned to you as part of the main quest that leads you to Richard Jackdaw. Each house will lead the player to him, but the manner in which it does so unfolds differently.

For Gryffindor, players will undertake the quest “The Hunt for the Missing Pages” in which they will meet the ghost known as Nearly Headless Nick before joining him on the Headless Hunt. This one involves a graveyard and some spookier moments, so it’s a fun quest for those who enjoy scarier elements and environments.

For Hufflepuff, players will undertake the quest “Prisoner of Love” in which they will travel to Azkaban Prison after meeting with the portrait of Eldritch Diggory to solve a murder mystery. The writing in this quest is especially intriguing, and the trip to Azkaban makes this a fun one for fans of the third book.

For Ravenclaw, players will undertake the quest “Ollivander’s Heirloom.” They will begin by going to Hogsmeade to talk to Ollivander about his stolen wand, which will lead to them investigating the Owlery and solving a simple puzzle. While it does involve some mind work, this quest does seem to be the most “boring” of them all. We still appreciate where they were going with it and enjoyed it thoroughly however.

For Slytherin, players will undertake the quest “Scrope’s Last Hope,” where they will follow a series of map clues to a house elf known as Scrope who asks you to retrieve a Black family heirloom for him from a mysterious cavern. This one does involve puzzles and a bit of story, so it certainly is not boring by any means.

These are the only unique quests the game has to offer for each house thus far, but are still different enough that they’re worth taking into consideration before choosing a House. There’s also the chance that more unique questlines could be added in at a later date, though this hasn’t been confirmed by Avalanche Software.

Can You Change Houses in Hogwarts Legacy?

Finally, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to change your House after the start of Hogwarts Legacy.

The only way to get into another House is to start a new game and make a different choice during the Sorting Hat section. Keep this in mind, and consider all of the information we’ve laid out before making your choice.

Now that you have read about the four different houses and know what each choice may entail, you should be all sorted and ready to have your witch or wizard join the one you think is best! We’ve also got a quiz you can take if you’d prefer to

For more on the game, read on below for some related articles and coverage.

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