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The Pokémon Company Reveals Pokémon TCG Classic; More Details Coming Soon


The Pokémon Company Reveals Pokémon TCG Classic; More Details Coming Soon

A throwback to where it all began.

Pokémon TCG fans rejoice: The Pokémon Company has revealed a new premium set which aims to elevate the collectible card game to a new level.

Revealed during the Pokémon live stream held on Feb. 27, the set is optimized to streamline matches between those who play the the card game competitively. It comes complete with storage containers for cards, a premium play board, and a sleek case to hold everything included in the set. Everything features a monochrome color palette too, giving the product a sensible yet eye-catching design.

The set is a joint project between Nendo, Creatures, and The Pokémon Company, with all three entities working in tandem to bring Pokemon TCG Classic to life. It was also stated that the Classic set would include cards from the TCG’s initial run, but that they wouldn’t be playable in official tournaments and would be limited to specific regions.

It was not specified exactly which cards from the series first run would be included, but well-known entries such as the original Charizard and Pikachu cards were shown as part of a promotional video advertising the product. We’ll include the video down below as soon as it becomes available.

Though other specifics such as the release date for the set and its price weren’t revealed as of this article’s writing, it was teased that more about the product would be revealed at the Pokémon World Championships.

The reveal of the Pokemon TCG Classic set was one of many announcements made during the Feb. 27 livestream. For more on all the news out of the event, check out the related articles down below or head to Twinfinite’s home page.

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