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The Valorant KAY/O Bug That Gave False Info to Teammates Is Finally Fixed… Maybe

Valorant KAY/O bug is finally fixed

The Valorant KAY/O Bug That Gave False Info to Teammates Is Finally Fixed… Maybe

No more trolling (probably)

Any Valorant player familiar with KAY/O knows all about the annoying Zero Point (knife) bug. Ever since the toaster’s addition to the roster back in 2021, it’s been feeding false information to teammates about the number of players suppressed. Finally, that issue has been fixed for game’s Patch 6.02, which goes live later today.

Well, probably, anyway. From the patch notes it sounds as though Riot Games might not actually be too sure if it’s been properly solved. The patch note entry under Bug Fixes reads as follows:

  • Potentially fixed bug with KAY/O’s Zero/point (E) not showing the correct enemies that it has suppressed (please let us know if you see further issues here)

KAY/O mains might not be in the clear quite yet, then. But in fairness, it’s been a very tricky problem to fix. Riot tried midway through last year when it deployed Patch 5.06 and declared the issue had been solved, only for it to continue on as if nothing had ever been done. I read a Tweet from a developer recently, too –which, annoyingly, I can’t find now–, which explained the bug had been an absolute nightmare to sort.

It looks as though we might finally be a step closer, though. It might not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually pretty consequential in some instances. Only last year there was a major debacle during Valorant’s biggest esports competition, Champions, in which a Killjoy Turret duped its team into thinking an enemy was in a location they weren’t. That, in turn, led to a round being replayed to uphold competitive integrity. The KAY/0 Zero Point bug is arguably just as bad, and fixing it ASAP means fewer potential headaches at future tournaments — like the LOCK//IN São Paulo event kicking off next week.

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