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Knockout City Servers to Shut Down this Summer

knockout city
Image Source: Velan Studios

Knockout City Servers to Shut Down this Summer

Down but not out.

Released back in May of 2021, Knockout City is an action game that allowed players to beat each other up in an epic, high-octane game of fast-paced dodgeball. There were tons of levels and different kinds of balls and weapons to check out, making this one of the more unique multiplayer games we’d seen in recent years.

Just today, developer Velan Studios announced that Season 9 would be Knockout City’s final season, and that service would end on June 6. However, the developers will be releasing a private server version of the game on PC, where players can still enjoy the game via custom games with friends. So while the hosted servers are shutting down, you’ll still be able to play it within your own circles.

In addition to that, there’s still plenty of content and updates to look forward to before service ends. Season 9 starts on Feb. 28, which will feature back-to-back events, along with plenty of new creative cosmetics to unlock. With the start of the new season, microtransactions will also be removed from the storefront, meaning that players will no longer be able to spend real money on the game.

Velan Studios stated that while it was a hard decision to end service, it was also an opportunity for them to take everything they’ve learned from the game and apply them to their next project. Whether that’s an extension of the Knockout City universe is unclear, but the studio certainly has their eyes facing forward.

Knockout City is now available on PC and consoles.n

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