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How to Use a Cartridge in Atomic Heart, Explained

Atomic Heart Gun Cartridge
Image Source: Mundfish

How to Use a Cartridge in Atomic Heart, Explained

Cartridges are the way to a man’s Atomic Heart.

Ever since Atomic Heart was announced back in 2018, the game has been a subject of controversy and unease in the industry. But regardless, it feels like a cross between Wolfenstein: the New Colossus meets Bioshock in Russia. Like both of those titles, this game will challenge you with powerful and intuitive enemies of all sorts and sizes. Some of which can only be significantly damaged with the usage of cartridges. Acquiring them isn’t the confounding part though; it’s actually using them. Therefore, here is how to use Cartridges in Atomic Heart.

How Players Equip Cartridges In Atomic Heart

Equipping Cartridges in Atomic Heart is a little trickier than it probably needs to be. Firstly, you’ll need to own a Cartridge and have it in your inventory. You can craft Cartridges at NORA vending machines using resources.

How to equip Cartridges in Atomic Heart
Image Source: Mundfish via Twinfinite

Once you have a Cartridge in your inventory, press and hold the middle button on PC/square on Playstation/X on Xbox and this will bring up your weapons wheel. Select the empty tile at the bottom (as shown in the image above) and then press the trigger button.

How to equip cartridges in Atomic Heart
Image Source: Mundfish via Twinfinite

This will bring up an additional tile-based menu where you can choose the specific Cartridge (as shown above), and here, you’ll be able to apply the Cartridge to your weapon of choice.

What Do Cartridges Do in Atomic Heart? Answered

With Atomic Heart taking place primarily in a freaky amusement park, there is an expectation for some really weird weapons (of which there are 25). However, some of the more resilient enemies in the game have health that cannot really be considerably lowered without the use of these cartridges. The cartridges themselves even the odds as they utilize enemies’ specific weaknesses via one of three elemental affinities: fire, electricity, and ice. But buyer beware: they don’t last forever and will inevitably run out of fuel. So, stock up on the materials needed to be able to craft new cartridges on command.

In any event, now you know how to actually equip the cartridges themselves in Atomic Heart. Assuming you have been playing the game, then the cartridge recipe has hopefully already been obtained. If not, be sure to check out one of our many Atomic Heart guides including how to beat bosses like the mini boss Plyusch or how to perform a sneak attack in game.

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