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Hi-Fi Rush Might Have Actually Confirmed The Evil Within 3

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Hi-Fi Rush Might Have Actually Confirmed The Evil Within 3

It’s a pretty glaring hint.

Fans of the highly acclaimed survival horror franchise, The Evil Within, have eagerly awaited the announcement of the next installment in the series. Without any official statement, an intriguing easter egg has been discovered in Tango Gameworks’ latest release, Hi-Fi Rush, sparking speculation about the possibility of a sequel.

In a report by GamesRadar, there is a cinematic scene in Hi-Fi Rush where players are given a fleeting glimpse of a screen displaying the message, “Sequel to popular survival horror franchise announced,” next to the fictional news headline. While this might not be a formal announcement that confirms The Evil Within 3 is real, it is the most compelling evidence so far that the development of a new entry in the franchise may be underway.

The fact that Tango Gameworks has only developed two other games outside of The Evil Within, both of which are not survival horror games, only further fuels the fire that it’s indeed the title they’re talking about. In addition, the fact that the release of Ghostwire Tokyo, a previous project by the developer, was initially intended to be The Evil Within 3 all but confirms that the easter egg in Hi-Fi Rush is a reference to the next installment in the franchise.

While the exact future of The Evil Within 3 remains uncertain, the discovery of this easter egg has reignited hope and anticipation among fans of the franchise, who are eagerly awaiting any further statements or development about a third installment for the game. When more information is revealed about a possible third title, we’ll be sure to update you.

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