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Fortnite’s 23.50 Update Adds Cryptic Cipher Quests & Unvaults Two Weapons


Fortnite’s 23.50 Update Adds Cryptic Cipher Quests & Unvaults Two Weapons

Cryptic clues will help crack the Cipher Quests!

The Fortnite 23.50 update is rolling out today and introduces a new take on the traditional quests in the game in the form of Cipher Quests, as well as unvaulting two weapons from seasons past.

The news comes via the official Fortnite blog, which outlines how these new Cipher Quests will work. The ‘Cipher Quests’ section of the Quests page in the game will provide players with unencrypted Quests that have clear objectives. All sounds relatively, straightforward, but they’ll also be joined by an encrypted Quest where what you need to do in-game to complete is is unclear. You’ll then have to use clues at your disposal to figure out what you’ve got to do, and then complete that activity in-game.

Completing each encrypted Quest unlocks the next one after it becomes available, with a new Cipher Quest being added each day from today, Feb. 28 through until March 7, 2023. All of these cryptic Quests will be available for players to crack the code and reap the rewards until March, 10.

The rewards for completing the Cipher Quests are as follows:

  • 7 unencrypted Cipher Quests: Keep the Peace Spray
  • 15 unencrypted Cipher Quests: Order Up Loading Screen
  • 24 unencrypted Cipher Quests: Deciphered Emoticon
  • 3 encrypted Cipher Quests: Circuitry Wrap
  • Completing a certain encrypted Cipher Quest (specifics yet to be revealed): Distant Road Spray
fortnite cipher quest rewards
Image Source: Epic Games

Alongside the introduction of the Cipher quests in Fortnite 23.50, the update also unvaults two classic weapons from seasons gone by. The Six Shooter and Infantry Rifle can now be found from the ground, Chests and Supply drops. Some of the aforementioned Cipher Quests will also require players to use these weapons, so we hope you’re a good shot with them!

Outside of these two major gameplay additions, there’s not a whole lot else included in Fortnite 23.50. A few minor tweaks are included, such as increasing the Oathbound Chest spawn rate from 70% to 100%, and players having an increased chance to roll the Mechanical Archer Reality Augment. Reality Augments players haven’t unlocked will also be more likely to unlock as of this latest upate.

What do you make of the Fortnite 23.50 update? Let us know down in the comments below.

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