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Destiny 2 Is Changing How Power Level Works Before The Final Shape DLC Arrives Next Year

Destiny 2
Image Source: Bungie

Destiny 2 Is Changing How Power Level Works Before The Final Shape DLC Arrives Next Year

“That can’t be right! It must be broken!”

Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall DLC is set to arrive in the next couple of weeks and the hype is at an all-time high. With an abundance of changes being made for not only the DLC release, but seasons beyond, players are anxiously awaiting for them to release. That said, Bungie has released a new “State of the Game” post, revealing their plans for the game’s difficulty, connecting players, and more importantly, changing the way Power Level works.

In the post, they stated they’re planning a “big change” to the Power system when The Final Shape arrives, and they’ll start some of these changes during Season 21, Season of the Deep, by not increasing the Power cap. This is a bold move by Bungie, as normally in each season thus far, the Power level would increase by 10. For example, in Season of the Seraph, the previous pinnacle cap was 1580, and it increased to 1590 when the season began.

This raises a lot of questions for the game’s future, as the Power level grind was an incentive to play each season for an abundance of players. Does this suggest we have to wait until the following DLC for Power level to increase once more? What does this mean for endgame content such as Master Raids or Grandmaster Nightfalls, which normally don’t release until a midway point in the season due to their high Power level requirement?

Unfortunately, there are too many questions to ask with no time-table as to when they can be answered. Hopefully, Bungie can provide more details sooner rather than later.

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