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Bungie Vaulted Destiny 2 Exotic Missions… Just To Add Them Back In Season 22

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Bungie Vaulted Destiny 2 Exotic Missions… Just To Add Them Back In Season 22

Why bother removing them then?

In the great sunset of the Beyond Light DLC, Bungie removed most of Destiny 2’s Exotic missions and has continued to do so with each DLC thus far. Even now, with the release upcoming Lightfall DLC, the most recent Exotic mission, Operation: Seraph’s Shield, is being removed from the game.

However, in the new “State of the Game” post they released, Bungie has confirmed Exotic missions will return in a “rotator” format like Raids and Dungeons currently are.

This move by Bungie raises an abundance of questions. First and foremost, why bother removing them in the first place, especially regarding Operation: Seraph’s Shield, which just released this past season, and has only been in the game for a little under two months.

It’s a cool feature since the Exotic missions like Presage are always fun to play, though it was confirmed this does not include older Exotic missions such as Zero Hour and the Whisper mission from year one. More importantly, while this feature allows newer players to obtain the Exotic weapons from them, what about the players who have already played them and obtained their weapons?

Will new loot be added in their place? There’s too many questions to ask right now, but hopefully, Bungie will clarify these topics as we draw closer.

That said, if season 22 starts around the same time as Season 18 did last year, then that won’t be until late August of this year, so it’ll be a long time before these questions are answered.

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