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Why Does Deku Leave UA in My Hero Academia? Answered

Deku in the middle of a fight in My Hero Academia

Why Does Deku Leave UA in My Hero Academia? Answered

Things take a twist when Deku steps back from UA high.

Deku’s dream in My Hero Academia was to attend the prestigious UA High School to train in the Hero Course an fulfill his dream of becoming a Pro Hero. However, things take a turn when Deku abandons this path, stepping back from UA completely. This may come as a shock, so you’re probably wondering what his reasoning may be. Well, look no further; we have everything you need to know about the decision. Here’s why Deku leaves UA in My Hero Aacademia.

Why Does Deku Abandon UA High in My Hero Academia?

There’s a lot of contributing factors that led Deku to abandon his role as a student of UA. Firstly, the Paranormal Liberation War resulted in mass destruction and loss, leaving Japan in complete and utter shock and distress. The lives of many heroes and civilians were put at stake during this time, with even some of the most well-renowned Pro Heroes taking significant blows.

With the situation becoming more dire, and with the likes of One For All and Shigaraki on the loose, there’s a lot of pressure for Deku to master his quirk, as he knows sooner or later, they will hunt him down to get their hands on One For All. On top of this, Deku is well aware that due to All For One’s large arsenal of Quirks, and the resources they have at hand, they are not only capable of hunting him down, but doing so with ease.

Deku leaving UA in the My Hero Academia manga
Image Source: Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia Chapter 306)

Because of this, Deku is worried about those close to him, because he knows that anyone alongside him will also be made a target. For this reason he belives it the safest decision is to leave UA and isolate himself while he works hard to become strong enough to defeat All For One and Shigaraki. This way, he knows that any innocent friends, students and staff at UA, and civilians won’t be wrongfully harmed.

Deku has fallen into traps set by All For One on prior occasions that put the lives of his fellow classmates and Pro Hero allies at serious risk. With the situation becoming more dire every second, he made the choice that he felt would best benefit everyone involved, even if it meant leaving behind his friends, family, teachers, and beloved idol, All Might.

That’s everything you need to know about why Deku leaves UA in My Hero Academia. For more news, guides, lists, and quizzes that cover all of your favorite anime titles, check out the rest of our content. We have a variety of topics that will answer your every question and interest about My Hero Academia, and help you go Plus Ultra, such as every One For All Quirk explained, Who Deku’s dad is in My Hero Academia, and the 10 best rivalries in My Hero Academia.

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