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This Steam Platformer Is Described as “Celeste, But Less Depression, More Grappling Dog”

grapple dog box art
Image via Super Rare Games

This Steam Platformer Is Described as “Celeste, But Less Depression, More Grappling Dog”

Get happy, Grapple Dog is here!

Grapple Dog is a game that came out in February of 2022, but has been starting to gain some traction online almost one year later thanks to a short, sweet, and funny review from Steam user TheFireDragon. The review itself isn’t even from the last month or two. it was posted a few months after launch on May 4, 2022. Yet, the timeless comedy of the review is just getting it discovered now.

The whole review reads, “it’s like celeste but instead of depression it’s about a grapple dog.” That’s it. While the single-sentence review is to the point, it says a lot about Grapple Dog for those who have played Celeste. Don’t let the nonchalant nature of the review fool you. Comparing Grapple Dog to one of the best 2D platformers of the generation is incredibly high praise.

This is hardly the first time that a game was brought into the spotlight months or even years after its launch thanks to influencers or funny reviews like this one from TheFireDragon. Bad Rats gained nominal internet popularity thanks to Dunkey and a funny review saying, “it’s okay I guess,” from a player who has over 20 thousand hours in the game. More notably, Among Us has reached international fame thanks to exposure from influencers back in 2020.

It’ll be interesting to see how big Grapple Dog can get from this newfound internet fame. If it truly is anything like Celeste in terms of its gameplay and not so much the story, then it’ll surely resonate with fans of the platforming genre. Grapple Dog is available on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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