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Pokemon Anime Watch Order: How To Watch the Pokemon Anime in Order

Misty, Ash, and Brock in the Pokemon anime.

Pokemon Anime Watch Order: How To Watch the Pokemon Anime in Order

From Kanto to Galar, here’s how to watch the Pokemon anime in chronological order.

The Pokemon anime series has plenty of seasons that visit different locations of the Pokemon world, introduce new characters and species, and contain the individually iconic theme songs from everyone’s childhoods. If you’re looking to visit the story of each Region in chronological order, look no further. Here’s how to watch the Pokemon anime in order.

Pokemon Anime Series Watch Order

If you’re looking to watch all of the Pokemon anime series content in chronological order, then this is the order you’re going to want to watch the show in.

  1. Pokemon: Indigo League
  2. Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands
  3. Pokemon: The Johto Journeys
  4. Pokemon: Johto League Champions
  5. Pokemon: Master Quest
  6. Pokemon Advanced
  7. Pokemon Advanced Battle
  8. Pokemon Battle Frontier
  9. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
  10. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension
  11. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles
  12. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors
  13. Pokemon Black & White
  14. Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destinies
  15. Pokemon Black & White: Adventures in Unova
  16. Pokemon Black & White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond
  17. Pokemon XY
  18. Pokemon XY: Kalos Quest
  19. Pokemon XYZ
  20. Pokemon Sun & Moon
  21. Pokemon Sun & Moon: Ultra Adventures
  22. Pokemon Sun & Moon: Ultra Legends
  23. Pokemon Journeys
  24. Pokemon Master Journeys

Where Does Each Pokemon Series Take Place?

Ash and Pikachu
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Kanto Region

The Kanto Region is where Ash Ketchum’s journey begins, right from his home in Pallet Town. The Pokemon anime series that follow his journey throughout the Kanto Region’s Gym Challenge and Pokemon League are Pokemon: Indigo League, and Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands, with the latter taking place in a series of Tropical islands that neighbour the Kanto and Johto Regions. While the Orange Islands are technically their own place, this series is considered to be a part of the ‘Kanto era’ due to it being the direct sequel / second season of Indigo League.

Johto Region

The Johto Region is the next stop in Ash’s Pokemon journey, and home to legendary Lugia and Ho-Oh. The Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions, and Master Quest series all follow Ash’s adventure in Johto, complete with his friends Misty and Brock. in this era of the Pokemon anime, Ash participates in a new Gym challenge and Tournaments, comes face to face with familiar rivals, and discovers new Pokemon from the hundreds of species roaming Johto’s lands.

Hoenn Region

in Hoenn, you’ll bid farewell to Ash’s friend and travel partner, Misty, and be introduced to May and Max, two new individuals from Hoenn. Once again, Ash aims to take on the Gym Challenge and Pokemon League, as well as participate in Hoenn’s Battle Frontier. You’ll also see another side of competition, and be introduced to the likes of Pokemon Contests through May, who has aspirations to be a top Pokemon Coordinator. Ash’s adventures in Hoenn take place throughout the Advanced, Advanced Battle, and Battle Frontier series.

Sinnoh Region

In Sinnoh, Ash and Brock part ways with May and Max and head on over to the Sinnoh Region, where a new journey awaits them. Here they meet Dawn, a Pokemon trainer with similar aspirations to May. Together Ash, Brock, and May set out and travel the Sinnoh Region, catching brand new Pokemon and chasing their dreams of becoming a Pokemon Masters, top Pokemon Coordinators, and more. The Sinnoh era takes place throughout the Diamond & Pearl, Battle Dimension, Galactic Battles and Sinnoh League Victors seasons.

Unova Region

Unova finally sees Ash part ways with Brock after adventuring across four different Regions together, and moves Mr. Ketchum along to the Unova Region to continue chasing his dreams throughout the Black & White, Rival Destinies, Adventures in Unova, and Adventures in Unova and Beyond seasons. In Unova, Ash meets two new friends, Iris, and Cilan, who become his new travel companions. Once again Ash sets out alongside these new friends to earn all eight Unova Gym badges and participate in the Pokemon League, meeting an array of new friendly faces and heated rivals along the way.

Kalos Regions

With Ash finishing up his adventures in the Unova Region, he says his goodbyes to Cilan and Iris and moves on to the Kalos Region, where he meets a brand new group of friends and travel companions in Clemont, Bonnie and Serena.

Throughout the XY, Kalos Quest, and XYZ seasons, Ash navigates yet another Gym Challenge and Pokemon League, and comes face to face with the threat of Team Plasma’s Lysandre, who aims to wipe out the entire Kalos Region. Ash must strengthen his bond with his Pokemon, and train them to develop their skills in battle if he stands a chance at navigating everything in his path to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Alola Region

Alola kicks things off with fun tropical, beachy vibes. After all his journeying and participating in Gym Challenges, Ash leaves his friends from Kalos behind and heads to the Alola Region, where he meets Professor Kukui, enrolls in Alola’s school to study about Pokemon and the use of a new Z-Move phenomenon. Throughout the Sun & Moon, Ultra Adventures, and Ultra Legends seasons of the anime, Ash will embark on many challenges alongside his new classmates and friends, Lana, Kiawe, Lillie, Sophocles, and Mallow, and learn all about the legendary Tapu Pokemon that guard the islands of Alola.

Galar Region

Although they doesn’t exclusively take place in the Galar Region, Pokemon Journeys, and Pokemon Master Journeys are the Galar-era anime series. In this edition of the show, Ash travels to the Galar Region, where he meets a new friend, Gou. Together the two set out to travel across multiple Regions, catching Pokemon and growing strong along the way while they reunite with Ash’s old friends and rivals, taking on iconic rematches and challenges. These seasons also let Ash capture a variety of powerful Pokemon he previously missed out on in other Regions, which really creates some satisfaction knowing that they finally get a chance to shine.

Paldea Region

While nothing is out yet for the most recent Regional addition, the next Pokemon anime series is set to take place in the Paldea Region. It has already been confirmed that once Pokemon Master Journeys is complete, Ash will be leaving the Pokemon anime series, and will be replaced with two brand new protagonists.

That’s all you need to know about how to watch the Pokemon anime in order. For more helpful guides, lists, news and entertaining quizzes, check out the rest of our content. We have a variety of Pokemon topics to help you be the best there ever was, so feel free to scroll down and have a look through our related posts below.

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