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Does Yuzuha Kill Taiju in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

Tokyo Revengers

Does Yuzuha Kill Taiju in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

What could make her do such a thing?

Death in Tokyo Revengers is a tricky subject to discuss. It’s very common to misunderstand whether or not someone is killed or brought back, largely due to how much time travel and alternate timelines play into the story. In this case, some people are confused on whether or not Yuzuha killed Taiju or not during the Black Dragon Arc. So today, let’s answer the question once and for all: Does Yuzuha kill Taiju in Tokyo Revengers?

Do be warned though: There are *Major Spoilers Ahead* for the Christmas Showdown arc.

Was Taiju Killed By Yuzuha in Tokyo Revengers?

Does Yuzuha Kill Taiju in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)
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For the short and sweet answer, yes, Yuzuha did kill Taiju, but only in a seperate timeline.

In said separate timeline, Yuzuha was freed from her duties of being involved with the Black Dragons Gang. However, she was concerned for her little brother’s safety, especially given that he was less inclined to violence and relied on her to take care of him in most situations. Out of desperation and fear, Yuzuha turned to Kizaki, who manipulated her into stabbing and killing Taiju.

As mentioned before though, this occurred in a separate timeline, so when Takemichi eventually used his time-leap ability to go into a different one, he inadvertently prevented Taiju’s death. This occurred because he instinctively warned Taiju when Yuzuha tried to stab him, resulting in Taiju dodging at just the right moment and escaping serious harm. He then confronted Takemichi, Yuzuha, and Hakkai, battering them until Takemichi managed to fight back long enough for Mikey to arrive.

Taiju would then relinquish control of the Black Dragons, admitting defeat and seeking to atone for some of his wrong-doings. This would eventually mean helping Takemichi in future arcs and joining the Toman Gang, giving them a massive boost in strength and reinforcement in future battles. He even gets a dramatic entrance in a future struggle to help Takemichi when he needs it the most.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not Yuzuha killed Taiju in Tokyo Revengers. Be sure to check out our latest Tokyo Revengers guides, like how strong Mitsuya is or if Kisaki is a time-leaper or not.

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