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How Strong Is Mitsuya in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

How Strong Is Mitsuya in Tokyo Revengers?
Image Source: Liden Films via Twinfinite

How Strong Is Mitsuya in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

There’s more to the President of the Sewing Club than meets the eye.

Takashi Mitsuya is the Second Division Captain of the Toman gang who has consistently proven his worth in various battles and internal conflicts. He has no reservations about facing down even the strongest of adversaries, and is held in high regard by his fellow gang members. If you’re here though, you’ve probably wondering: How strong is Mitsuya in Tokyo Revengers?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about this character.

How Strong Is Mitsuya in Tokyo Revengers?

As one of the gang’s founding members, Mitsuya is one of the strongest characters in Toman and the wider Tokyo Revengers series.

During the Moebius and Bloody Halloween arcs, you can catch a glimpse of his brute strength when he effortlessly takes down multiple foes. For instance, a scene in the Bloody Halloween saga showcases Mitsuya swiftly dodging a nemesis as he proceeds to knock him out with a single hit.

Another excellent example of his capabilities can be seen in the Christmas Showdown arc, where Mitsuya gets attacked by Taiju Shiba, the Black Dragons leader known for his tremendous strength. Still, even when Taiju uses his full power, the Second Division Captain survives the strike and ultimately shrugs it off, getting back up to continue facing off against the towering teen.

Besides physical skills, Mitsuya also has an outstanding mental fortitude on par with Takemichi Hanagaki. Some underlings of the Toman gang have expressed their willingness to give up during intense situations, but this character never backs away from a fight and always remains focused on the target.

Once you consider both the physical and mental aspects of Mitsuya, you can undoubtedly see why he is the captain of one of the most elite factions of the gang. Of course, his power isn’t on par with the likes of Mikey, but he can still pack a punch and hold down the fort when the going gets tough.

So there you have it. That’s everything there is to know about how strong Mitsuya is in Tokyo Revengers. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, and to take a look at our other guides on why Takemichi teams up with Kisaki and how many Time Leapers there are.

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