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A Samurai Epic Unfolds in New Like a Dragon: Ishin! Trailer


A Samurai Epic Unfolds in New Like a Dragon: Ishin! Trailer

Chaotic moments and popular character cameos galore.

A new cinematic trailer has dropped for Like a Dragon: Ishin!, and it provides the best glimpse yet at the game’s narrative and cast.

Streamed through the official Sega YouTube channel on Jan. 30, the trailer focuses on the plot and characters of the upcoming remake. This allows it to provide a general overview of the game’s story while also showing off the different Yakuza characters that make appearances via their ancestors, with the latter including major cast members from across the series.

The video kicks off by setting the stage with a quick look at the protagonist’s dilemma. Kiryu’s ancestor, Sakamoto Ryoma, is appointed a representative of the Tosa Loyalists in an attempt to bring unity to the land’s different factions.

Before these plans can be set into motion though, a masked assassin bursts into the room and kills the Tosa Loyalist’s leader, leaving Ryoma holding his body as the rest of the Loyalists charge in to see what has happened. Ryoma is then framed for the murder, and forced to flee.

The trailer then cuts to a scene of the Shinsengumi headquarters, with a voice track from Ryoma explaining that he doesn’t need to throw his life away to track down a murderer. The samurai remains determined however, and stands by his conviction to find the assassin responsible for framing him to clear his name.

The video then moves into a flurry of cinematics from throughout the game. Some see fan favorite characters appearing as their distant ancestors, while others provide a glimpse at the chaos that will ensue over the course of the plot. There are fist fights in saunas, a city set ablaze, and Majima’s ancestor firing a cannon at some unfortunate targets just to name a few of the scenes on display.

It’s a wild ride, and those looking forward to the game won’t want to pass on watching the full trailer down below.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is set to release on Feb. 21 on PlayStation Consoles, Xbox Consoles, and PC. For more on the series, check out our recent hands-on preview of the game as well as any of the related articles down below.

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