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When Does Barry Season 4 Come Out? Answered

When Does Barry Season 4 Come Out?
Image via HBO

When Does Barry Season 4 Come Out? Answered

The Marin-turned-hitman-turned-actor will make a return, but when?

The season 3 finale of HBO’s Barry left behind so many questions, the most important being Barry’s fate. Sure, the show could have ended there, but HBO already greenlit the show for a fourth season. Naturally, fans of the show want to know: when does Barry season 4 come out?

Barry Season 4 HBO Max Release Date

While HBO has yet to announce an official date for Barry Season 4, the studio has confirmed that the new season of Barry will arrive in 2023. HBO released a trailer lineup featuring returning series and original content coming to HBO Max in 2023, and Barry is among the montage of clips.

Details on its official date are admittedly sparse, but there are a few key pieces of information we do know that can shine some light on its expected release date.

Firstly, during an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Bill Hader revealed that, due to the COVID pandemic, the script for season 4 was written ahead of time as the lockdown prevented them from shooting season 3. That would explain why production on season 4 began in June 2022, mere months after season 3 debuted.

Lastly, each season of Barry only ever took around a year to produce, meaning season 4 would arrive by no later than June 2023. However, the show also has a long-standing history of showing up at the Emmys, with each season bringing home one or more awards. In order to be eligible for the Emmy Awards in 2023, season 4 would have to be released before the end of May.

For now, that’s everything you need to know as to when Barry season 4 comes out. If you have a friend or two who’s been holding off on watching the show, we’ve gathered 3 reasons to watch HBO’s Barry. Alternatively, you can catch up on The Northman, not that it’s on HBO Max.

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