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3 Reasons You Should Be Watching HBO’s Barry… Like Right Now

HBO Max Barry

3 Reasons You Should Be Watching HBO’s Barry… Like Right Now

Between Dune, Peacemaker, and The Suicide Squad, HBO Max’s has been putting out some spectacular content recently. And while this may come as a surprise to anyone that dropped the subscription service after watching The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, loyal fans know that the platform still’s got some hidden gems. One of those includes arguably the most interesting show on television: Barry. 

Starring Bill Hader, this show tells the story of a midwestern man that wants to get out of the field of being an assassin in order to pursue a career in theater. It’s a dark comedy filled with plenty of laughs and drama, and now is the perfect time to start watching, right ahead of season 3

So without further ado, these are three everyone should be watching HBO’s Barry… like right now. 

An Insane Premise

Barry HBO Max
Image Source: HBO Max

Modern television and movies are rife with anti-heroes, as everyone from Walter White to Deadpool have been stealing fans’ hearts with their dark humor and deplorable – yet relatable – actions for years. As a result of all of these new shows and movies, it’s becoming harder and harder to make a unique concept about morally grey leads that hasn’t already been done. 

Barry manages to overcome this by coming up with one of the most absurd but interesting premises on television. The show follows titular character Barry, a former Marine Corp sniper that became a hitman after not knowing what to do with his talents following leaving the Military. 

When Barry one day becomes depressed at the thought of killing another “mark,” he finds himself fascinated with the acting class his target is a part of. What follows is a hilariously dark fish-out-of-water scenario, as the low-level hitman tries to lead a double life of assassination and acting. 

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