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The Next Tomb Raider Game Will be Published By Amazon Games

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Image Source: Amazon Games

The Next Tomb Raider Game Will be Published By Amazon Games

Tomb Raider is back… again

Out of nowhere, a press release was published by Amazon Games that they’ve come to an agreement with Crystal Dynamics on the creation of the next Tomb Raider game. As they’ve done since Tomb Raider: Legend, Crystal Dynamics will be developing the game with a new publishing partner, Amazon Games. This is a move that couldn’t have happened until this year once Crystal Dynamics was acquired from Square Enix by Embracer Group.

The press release doesn’t go into too much detail on what the game will feature or if it will be yet another reboot of the franchise, but it was announced that like the recent trilogy, the new game will be multiplatform.

The statement from Amazon Games also mentions, “The as-yet-untitled new Tomb Raider game is a single-player, narrative-driven adventure that continues Lara Croft’s story in the Tomb Raider series.” While the word “continues” might mean a follow-up on Shadow of the Tomb Raider to some, it doesn’t truly mean that a reboot could be ruled out.

They also touch on the engine that Crystal Dynamics will be using for the next Tomb Raider, “Crystal Dynamics is drawing on the power and cutting-edge technology of Unreal Engine 5 to take storytelling to the next level, in the biggest, most expansive Tomb Raider game to date.”

It is worth noting that the game is still in the very early stages of development. It can take years of development to even have something that’s ready to show the world at an event like E3, The Game Awards, or a State of Play.

The original post from Amazon Games about the next Tomb Raider game can be found right here.

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