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New Tekken 8 Trailer Focuses on Jin, Jun, & Kazuya Family Reunion

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New Tekken 8 Trailer Focuses on Jin, Jun, & Kazuya Family Reunion

It’s time for a Kazama family reunion in Tekken 8.

Earlier today during The Game Awards, a brand new trailer for the upcoming Tekken 8 was released. This new trailer focuses on a rather tumultuous family reunion between Jin Kazama and Kazyua Mishima. The new trailer is the first the game has been seen since the September State of Play event that formally introduced the game to the world.

The trailer begins with Jin falling into a deep body of water. As he seemingly starts to pass out he appears to have a flashback of his mother, Jun reaching down to him after he had fallen. The trailer then cuts to Kazuya Mishima in his devil form, wreaking havoc in a city among skyscrapers.

During the trailer, we see multiple returning fighters from the Tekken franchise like Paul, King, Law, and Jack. They are all fairly recognizable without any major changes outside of the graphical updates for this next-gen version of Tekken.

Then the trailer returns to the struggle between Jin and Kazuya in the now burning and heavily damaged city. Here Jin is seen struggling to keep up with his Kazuya even without his father being in devil form. Jina continues to question if he’s strong enough to protect anyone.

Jun then appears to seemingly help bestow Jin with the power to defeat Kazuya as the trailer ends.

Tekken 8 currently doesn’t have a set release date or release window, but it will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam when it hits store shelves and online shops.

The official Tekken 8 world premier trailer from The Game Awards 2022 can be found below.

If just this one trailer isn’t enough for you, then there’s always the option to watch The Game Awards stream in its entirety below.

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