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Is There a Spider Devil in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Spider Devil Chainsaw Man
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Is There a Spider Devil in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Eight-Legged office worker, incoming.

The introduction of the Snake Devil in Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man added another creepy crawly Devil to the series’ already impressive roster of fearful foes. With the appearance (and swift slaughter) of the Leech Devil and Bat Devil, it begs the question: is there a Spider Devil in Chainsaw Man? Here’s your answer.

Whose Side Is the Spider Devil On?

There is indeed a Spider Devil scuttling about the world of Chainsaw Man, representing humanity’s fear of spiders and possessing all of the typical Devil abilities. Luckily for humanity, Princi (the Devil’s other name) isn’t bent on webbing humans and eating them for supper. Instead, she’s far more sympathetic to the Public Safety initiative.

Save for a zipper that runs down the front of her face, Princi resembles an average-looking woman from the waist up but sports eight spider-like legs sharp as knives below. She can transform fully into a very convincing human to blend in, donning a button-down shirt, bowtie, and a knee-length skirt.

Princi is extremely loyal to Makima and carries out her orders with an impassive ruthlessness that betrays her very docile and pleasant human persona. Her curious face-zipper is a tool for summoning Makima herself, who can transport her to Princi’s location no matter where she is and burst from the zipper like a hideous Devil egg.

Princi makes her first appearance as an addition to Special Division 4’s team and takes part in the offensive against Akane Sawatari and Katana Man. She goes on to serve as a loyal soldier for Makima, carrying out her bidding without question.

That’s everything you need to know about whether there is a Spider Devil. Be sure to check out more of our Chainsaw Man content, like Aki’s cursed sword, the true nature of the Gun Devil’s power, Madoka’s identity, and why he left Public Safety.

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