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Dedicated Fan Gives Final Fantasy VII Remake an Exceptional Blockbuster Film Fan Trailer

Dedicated Fan Has Given Final Fantasy VII Remake an Exceptional Blockbuster Film Trailer

Dedicated Fan Gives Final Fantasy VII Remake an Exceptional Blockbuster Film Fan Trailer

Square Enix could learn a lesson or two from them.

One fan has revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake would make for one heck of a summer blockbuster via a fan-made trailer.

Said fan, who goes by CozyFinch, released their labor of love through the Final Fantasy VII Remake subreddit on Dec. 18. They posted it alongside the message “What if Remake was a blockbuster movie instead of a game? It’s finished, Merry Christmas :).”

The trailer itself takes key moments from throughout the game and edits them to look more like scenes from a major Hollywood release. Tension builds as scenes transition from character introductions to action set pieces, and reveals of the story through sudden reveals and lingering questions are abound. Accompanying all of this are songs and covers composed by Alex Moukala, who produced all the music for the trailer.

It comes off like a perfect distillation of everything the game offers, and provides plenty of dangling plot threads that viewers will be dying to see tied up by checking out the full game. Not only that, but it sells the pristine visuals of the game’s cutscenes in a way that makes it look like a modern cinematic prequel to Advent Children.

But don’t take our word for it. The full post and the mock trailer can be viewed down below.

CozyFinch has given this blockbuster trailer treatment to plenty of other games and media properties in the past. Some particular standouts are their trailers for the End of Evangelion anime film and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. both of these, and plenty of others, can be found through CozyFinch’s YouTube channel.

It also lands at the perfect time, with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion now out and available. We’ve got plenty of articles related to this new remaster, including a full review of the title.

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