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BioShock Creator Reveals Next Crazy Sci-Fi Title, Judas


BioShock Creator Reveals Next Crazy Sci-Fi Title, Judas

It’s ScioShock.

Today, at The Game Awards, it was revealed that Ken Levine’s next video game is called Judas. In the short trailer, we get a bit of an idea of what the game will be about, as a character explains that they need the help of one of a handful of crazy companions to help them escape what can only be described as BioShock in space.

You can check out the trailer and a brief description of this thrilling new experience right down below.

When Does Ken Levine’s Judas Come Out?

Judas is a single player, narrative first person shooter developed by Ghost Story Games, a studio led by Ken Levine, Creative Director of System Shock 2, BioShock, and BioShock Infinite. A disintegrating starship.

A desperate escape plan. You are the mysterious and troubled Judas. Your only hope for survival is to make or break alliances with your worst enemies. Will you work together to fix what you broke – or will you leave it to burn?

At the moment, there is no exact release date for Judas, as it was just announced. Once more information does come out for the game, be sure to check back here. While you wait, you can also take a peek at all the other great content that came from The Game Awards by heading on over to the front page right now.

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